Friday, December 30, 2011

Plans for a New Year...

Quickly before I get into the New Year, I realized that I forgot to re-cap Christmas...we had a great weekend with our family. Saturday my parents came up to stay with us, and we went to the 11pm service at our church, then woke up Sunday to open presents and had our traditional family meal, lasagna. After that, we went to see Jake's family and had their traditional meal at his Aunt Teri's house for dinner. Jake loves his new golf clubs that I got him, my parents got him a golf bag, and my brother got him a matching golf accessory set. All in Georgia black & red, of course :) Jake wanted to get me a piece of jewelry to have and always remember our first married Christmas together, and got me a beautiful pair of diamond earrings!

Well, 2011 went by in a flash! I can't believe how much has happened over the past 12 months. A lot of first-time experiences for us--buying a home, getting married, going on our first big vacation (honeymoon), buying a new car, getting a new dog, remodeling our kitchen, getting a new job...also, for the first time, Jake's company now has its very own warehouse! I am so proud of him.

So, what is in store for next year? Learning how to file taxes as a married couple & our vacation to Las Vegas in May! I have also decided to start drawing more, and I went out last night and got some great deals on the makings for my new art corner. I am really excited and I have already got my first couple projects in mind...

What makes it better is that I got everything on sale! The storage tower is from Ross, and I got it 25% off because the feet aren't level (something my hubby can fix very easily). The easel is a French sketch-box style that can fold up and be portable, and has a center drawer for storage. I got it from Hobby Lobby, and I used their 40% off coupon this week to get it for $59 instead of $99. I also got a new sketchbook for 30% off. The canson drawing pads were B1G1 Free at Michael's, where I also picked up some packs of drawing pencils and charcoals for 40% off. The drawing board I already had from my freshman year at Winthrop. Now, I just need to find a stool and clip-on light. I also want to get some wall shelves or something to decorate that corner.

We are going to have fun this weekend! We are driving down to Mount Pleasant tonight for a late Christmas celebration with my grandfather, and then coming back up to Rock Hill tomorrow for New Years/Jake's 24th birthday festivities. We also have off work on Monday so it will be another nice long weekend!

Happy New Year :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holy cow!!

It has been ridiculously long since my last blog, sorry for that! So, what is new since October? I have started a new job and settled in really nicely. I love my bosses and coworkers, and it is so amazing to be working in a positive, happy environment. I have also really enjoyed not working on Saturdays and being able to enjoy my weekends and more time with Jake and friends.

The kitchen is also finished and looks great. We still need to patch the walls from where the backsplash laminate was pulled off, and put up a tiled backsplash. I am not in a hurry to get that done, although it will make it look more complete. I think I just got burnt out because even when I wasn't working on Saturdays I was still so busy and always had something to do. I like not planning out every moment of my weekend and just hanging out.

A little celebration this week, our adorable Kona is one year old. I can't believe how little he was when we first got him. Such a cutie, even though he is so mischievous. It's funny that I talk about him and Reece so much like they are my children, but they are! At least until a few years from now...but let's not rush that!!!

We have a half day of work tomorrow and are off on Monday for Christmas. I Am really looking forward to this weekend and getting to see all of our family for the holidays. We are going to the midnight service at our church on Saturday evening, and having Christmas lunch with my parents. Then we are going to jakes moms house to do gifts with the before going out to his aunt Teri's for Christmas dinner.

Jake got a deal on promotional tickets for the Charlotte Bobcats so we are going to four of their games this season. Two of them happen to be next week, Monday and Wednesday. The others aren't until sometime in February.

Well, enough for now, can't wait to update later this weekend after we see what Santa brings ;)