Monday, February 16, 2015

1 Year Stats

Ryleigh is ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! 

Weight: 22lbs
Height: 30"

Several changes here.  Another possible allergy is beets.  My kid has the most random allergies. 

She drinks usually five 6-7oz. bottles a day.  We have been slowly mixing in some whole milk to her bottles of breastmilk and she doesn't even seem to notice a difference which is awesome so far.  She finally, out of the blue, decided she was interested in a sippy cup and has now figured that out for water.

With table food, we have learned she wants to be a "big girl" and by that, I mean that she doesn't like us cutting her food up into tiny pieces and refuses almost all purees from me anymore.  She prefers to have something larger to take bites of.  For instance, she hates cut up banana, but if we give her half a banana to bite off of, she will eat it. Same thing with cantaloupe and mini pancakes.

Foods she has tried-- refried beans, chicken noodle soup, cool whip, yogurt bites, puffs and lil'crunchies from Gerber, steamed carrots, cut up banana, cut up peach, cantaloupe, parmesan cheese straws, Maple flavor mini-pancakes, tater tots

Foods she loves--guacamole, crescent rolls, breadsticks, potato soup, half a banana, fried pickles, animal crackers, Garden Tomato & Veggie Dip Gerber Crunchies, Blueberry & Purple Sweet Potato Puffs from Pluum, Spinach Apple Kale teething crackers from Pluum,  mashed potatoes, cocktail meatballs, brownies, oreo truffles, chicken & rice


We now have all front 8 teeth!  She seems to be working on her pre-molars lately and is not happy about it. They seem to really be hurting her which of course kills me. Frozen teethers have been our friend, although they only offer temporary relief. I can feel the top, right one starting to bud, but none of the others are up enough yet.  Poor thing :(

Sometimes a little restless, and there have been a few nights where she woke up and took a partial bottle sometime between midnight & 3am.  I usually put Tylenol or teething tablets [as a last resort] in that bottle to help her with teething pain, which is the cause of the tossing & turning.  Other than that, still doing very well and sleeps 11-12hrs a night.



More and more Walking! Even though she still crawls if she wants to get somewhere quickly.  She is getting more confident by the day and taking more steps at a time.  She has now walked all the way across our living room several times.  She is also pretty hilarious with her dancing.  Baby girl cannot hear music without dancing.  Rocking her shoulders, swaying her hips, and her new signature move that we like to refer to as Serving up the Pizza [think, arm out, palm up, moving forward and backward haha]

She now says/has said:
"Papa" only once (my father-in-law)
"Kk" referring to Kona
"Ba ba ba ba"
"Ta ta ta ta"
"RrrrrLLl" <--Her version of Ryleigh that she's copied us saying a couple times.
"Go, Go, Go!"
"Ko" <--Kona
"Reee" or "Eeese"<--Reece
"Cak" <----Clap
"Hi Dada"
"Daw" <---Dog
"Gog"  her other version of dog
"Hey duh" her version of "Hey there"
"Bye Bye"
"Bah-Buh" <--"Baby" for her babydoll
"Kak-kuh"  <---cracker
"Na-Na"  for Banana
"Diapuh" diaper
"Ah Wubbya" I love you
"Ahmee" Amen
"uh ooo" for Uh Oh!
"Ba Ba" for requesting her bottle

Clicking her tongue
Giving kisses...her human version [open mouth] and dog version [open mouth w/tongue sticking out!]
making the sound of a rolling "R" (like in Spanish)
Waving Hi & Bye bye
She gives hugs, but only to her babydoll.  It's precious.

Size 3, and we have found a new love in Pampers Cruisers. They seem to allow less blow-outs than Luvs and absorb great overnight.

 She's a little all over the place.  She fits 12m or 18m onesies.  She can fit into some jackets & vests that are 9m, 12m, or 18m.  She can fit into a couple pairs of 9m fleece pants, and she wears 12m or 18m pants.  Pretty much, the larger sizes are nice for added length but her waist still fits the smaller ones also. She's in 12m footed pajamas but they're getting a little snug in length.

--First toy obsession - her babydoll
--Superbowl game
--We got her to do "touchdown" putting her arms in the air twice. She hasn't done it again since.
--Requesting food [asking for a Kak-kuh when I put her in her highchair and Ba-Ba for her bottle]
--Signature dance move [Serving up the Pizza]
--Desserts-brownies & birthday cake!!
--Birthday Party!!!