Thursday, June 4, 2015

16 Months Old!

(from her 15 month checkup)
Weight: 22.8lbs
Height: 31"

We have changed her milk to being a 7oz mid-morning and a 7oz bedtime bottle, and then she gets diluted juice or water the rest of the day.  She still gets her milk from a bottle but I'm going to try to work on transitioning that to a sippy cup.   All of her juice/water she drinks from sippy cups.

She is a picky eater.  Her breakfast is typically some sort of waffle/french toast variety from Eggo.  She loves their cinnamon french toast waffles and their blueberry waffles.  She also likes the french toast sticks but we haven't bought them in a while.  She also gets some other breakfast snack, like Gerber Bitty Bites or peanut butter crackers.

For lunch she usually gets a fruit (strawberries, blueberries, half a banana) and meat (chicken, turkey or ham) which is usually deli slices that we rip up or shredded chicken breast.  She also likes pork bbq if we have it or go somewhere on the weekends.

For dinner, she usually gets a meat, a veggie, and some snack-type things.  The meat is usually one of the ones listed above, and the veggie is either a puree or yogurt blend because she refuses any actual veggies that I try to give her.  She likes the flavor but is so weird about the textures.  I'm hoping this is a passing phase because it makes it frustrating that she won't eat the same things that we eat so she still gets a different meal.

She clearly doesn't understand that she's  Italian because she refuses to try pasta. Of any kind. No spaghetti, no meat sauce, no ziti, nothing.  I suppose it's a good thing that she's not a carb-lover but again, I hate it that she doesn't eat the same dinners we eat.

Except, of course, if we are eating anything involving french fries.  Because then she's in love!

Same thing here as her last update:  She is a great eater and she will let us know when she is hungry or wants more.  We tried introducing sign language, but overall haven't really needed to use it because she is very vocal.  She has signed "more" on several occasions but usually she will tap her tray or say "cracker", "cookie" or "baba" to let us know she wants more food.  All we have to do is show her a food container and ask "would you like some of this?" and she will either say "no" or give us a big grin and reach out her hands for it.  This makes communication on food pretty easy!

10 Teeth!  She has all 8 front teeth and her top 2 pre-molars have broken through.  That has not been fun. 

This has gotten a little thrown off lately and I think it's a combination of things.  Between moving, teething, and possibly some night terrors she has been going to sleep later than normal and waking in the middle of the night sometimes.  Bedtime has been pushed about an hour later to 8:30pm most nights, and she typically wakes up anywhere from 6:30-7:30am.   In the middle of the night she wakes with a "fake" whiny cry anywhere from 1-4 times a night but we can talk to her through the monitor and she goes right back to sleep.  There have been two nights that I think she had night terrors and she woke with a screaming, scared cry and even after I went into her room and picked her up (or more like caught her as she tried to jump into my arms!) she still took a while to calm down from whatever scared her.  The one night she woke like this at 5:30am and there was no calming her down so we just woke up for the day and watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to cheer her up.  
Her naps have also changed.  During the week she has always just taken one nap at daycare that was about 2hrs long, and that has changed more recently to only an hour & a half.  On the weekends, she has dropped her morning nap and just takes a 2-3 hr afternoon nap around 1pm.  She did this transition on her own, just refusing to take her morning nap all of a sudden but it's stuck and it actually works out really nicely to get more errands taken care of on Saturday mornings!  The timing also works out better on Sundays because she isn't as cranky during church and goes down for a nap right after lunch.   


Learning more and more every day!  Her new favorite activity is coloring.  I bought her some jumbo crayons and a coloring book and she was thrilled!  I tape a coloring book page to the removable cover on her highchair tray and she will color away!

She learns more words every day. She's my little parakeet and copies almost anything that we say.  She is learning lots of names of family and friends, and she is learning names for colors really well.  She will say names for numbers but she doesn't associate them with anything. She loves to sing, especially in church!

Her favorite TV shows are Bubble Guppies (she always says "bubby gupsee" which is pretty much the best thing in the world!), Sofia the First, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  We usually watch them during breakfast and dinner.

We've moved up to size 4, they just seem to fit her better around the thighs.

  Mostly all 18month. 


--Showing interest in her little potty.  Although we have yet to actually successfully use it.  We aren't actively potty training but she was sowing interest in the big potty so we got her one, just for whenever she's ready.

--Eating a food puree pouch on her own! And didn't even make a mess! So nice to not have to spoon feed purees anymore!

--Throwing a baseball, she has a pretty good arm!

--Boating Trip!! and she loved, loved, loved it!  So glad that we will be able to spend more fun in the sun this summer :)