Sunday, December 21, 2014

Double digits?!

Ryleigh is 10 months old!!!!! 
 Weight:  19lbs 15oz

Lots of new things going on. Still drinking 6oz bottles of breastmilk.  She's gotten to try several new things, and her favorite food so far is definitely guacamole! She goes crazy for it and will be a bottomless pit in a Mexican restaurant, eating it as long as there is more to offer.  Aside from guacamole, she's gotten to try refried beans, potato soup, cool whip, lots and lots of Puffs....she is no longer content as long as she has a full belly while we are eating. If she sees us with food, she's curious and wants it no matter how full she is! We can usually keep her happy with puffs but more and more we find ourselves letting her get a little taste off of our fork.  I'm insanely paranoid about her choking on something, especially on days when she's more congested, so we don't let her eat things that need to be chewed right now (other than puffs that dissolve). 

 As of 10 months she has 5 teeth! All four of her front teeth, and her top right incisor.  The three top teeth all came in together (that was loads of fun....) and are not fully down yet but they're getting there.  It's ridiculously cute to catch a glimpse of them and I can't believe that probably by the end of the year her smile will look different because she'll have so many teeth showing!  She will also be getting more foods as she gets more of these teeth and I am more confident that she can chew without choking...although I'm probably going to stay paranoid about that until she 10, haha.

Lots of recent changes here, for day-time sleeping anyway. She's still pretty good with her 11-ish hours at night of sleep.  She's definitely needing her naps now that she's more mobile.  We just follow her cues...she started with one big 2-2.5hr nap around 11or 12 in the afternoon, but quickly transitioned to a morning nap around 9 or 10 that lasts about 2hrs and then a late afternoon nap around 4ish.  She is always on the go and needing her sleep these days!


Pulling up on any and everything!

She now says/has said:
"Papa" (my father-in-law)
"Kk" referring to Kona
"Ba ba ba ba"
"Ta ta ta ta"
"RrrrrLLl" <--Her version of Ryleigh that she's copied us saying a couple times.
"Go, Go, Go!"
"Ko" <--Kona
"Reee" <--Reece
"Cak" <----Clap
"Hi Dada"
"Daw" <---Dog

clicking her tongue
making the sound of a rolling "R" (like in Spanish)
Waving Hi & Bye bye

We also learned that she has her Daddy's creepy talent of being able to clear her throat.  It's such a weird thing that I don't even really know how to describe but if you're around us long enough I'm sure you've heard Jake do it.  Ryleigh did it a couple times last week and it caught us off guard! haha

Size 3, mostly only Luvs because they fit her well and they're cheaper than Pampers.


  Mostly 12 month but we can also put 18 month pants on her for added length. String bean.

--pulling up on any & everything
--meeting SANTA!!
--seeing Christmas lights
--"driving" Daddy's car around the neighborhood
--eating a Breadstick...loved it!!
--Giving kisses!! if we ask and sometimes even when we don't, she will lean in and give sloppy open-mouth kisses complete with a lick! haha...that's what happens when she learns from two dogs.  Shes started kissing her toys (and oddly enough her bouncy seat that is used more these days as something to pull up on). It's so sweet!
We are in full birthday planning mode now!  I am so excited about how all of my ideas are coming together.  I picked a theme around 6months and recently completely changed it to something I am completely in love with. I don't want to rush time but I am so excited for her party!