Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy lately, I have not had any time to get on here! As an update, our Easter plans were a success! For the most part anyway...we were a little bummed we did not get to go to the sunrise service at church on Easter. We had planned to, and set our alarms, but when we woke up it looked like it was going to rain, I couldn't find the doplar radar channel because Comporium changed all the numbers around on us, and the pups were up playing and being loud all night so we did not get good sleep. With the combination of all of that, we decided we probably needed that extra hour and a half of sleep. After the regular Easter service, our waffle brunch was a very good success and I think it would be fun to continue that tradition. Later in the day we had a really nice time at Sam & Teri's at the big kid Easter egg hunt (Jake and I got about $23 dollars combined--going into the Honeymoon fund! haha), dinner, and getting to meet little Brody Scott Munsey for the first time :o)

Aside from that, wedding plans are coming along nicely! I ordered our cake topper today which I am so excited about! I really like plain wedding cakes so ours is pretty simple, but I wanted a really fun topper for it. I saw the final design and it has exceeded my expectations...and with me being an artist and perfectionist that really says something! My Bridal shower invitations and our Rehearsal Dinner invitations have come in and turned out very cute. We are starting our premarital counseling this weekend, and hopefully going to get to see/hang out/rehearse with our wedding singers on Sunday. It will be so good to see them and I am also very excited to hear them together!

On another note--the new Charandas has opened up and Jake and I are probably a little too excited about that. We were there opening day for dinner. Yes, obsessed. The design of it is so cute, and has some more character than the other one. Loren was also up here visiting and got to go with us. I'm so happy that I have gotten to see some of my girls lately, I miss them all so much!

I have had no time for couponing lately but hopefully I will have some time soon.

Time for bed! April and Jeremy's wedding is tomorrow and I am so excited for them!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I am completely obsessed with Blake Shelton's new song "Honeybee". I've always liked him as a singer and this song is so cute. It's also very true, that your partner is your complement and will balance you. They have the qualities that you need or you may lack. That is probably the nearlywed in me talking, but seriously :)

Also, I forgot to update you that I did a trial run for my wedding hairstyle on Saturday and I think I have it about 99% figured out. I'm very excited! I didn't want anything too fancy or too casual and I think I have found the perfect balance.

So, I went to Walmart and Food Lion tonight and did not really have any great savings, but total I saved $17.84 and spent $47.56. I am going to Food Lion tomorrow for all of the great Easter deals, as well as BiLo which I have some good coupons for, so I'm hoping for better results then! I'll update you on how it goes.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. We are going to the sunrise service for church on Sunday, which is being held on Lake Wylie which should be beautiful. Jake's family is also going to come with us to church, along with some friends so it will be great to have everyone together! After church we are having an Easter Brunch at our house with lots of waffles, fruit, casseroles, and a few desserts yum :)


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekend Update

I've been trying to figure out what type of wedding ring I want this weekend. It is hard, there are so many options! It's also very weird to look down at my hand when I am used to just seeing my engagement ring, and then seeing another ring with it. Everything I tried on yesterday seemed "too much" because it made my ring look so much bigger than I am used to. Jake and I are going to go pick out our rings next week, so hopefully I will figure it out between now and then!

I'm also looking forward to my brother visiting us this week, and Easter weekend! It's going to be a very busy but fun week.

Also, an update on the wedding--I did the individual section of our premarital counselling yesterday, and Jake has to do is individual section now. Once we have that completed, it will give our Pastor the key points to discuss with us about our relationship.

Okay and lastly before I get to bed, look how cute little one was today:

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello Everyone! I should actually be getting to sleep right now, but I have been busy working on wedding planning all night and I've been meaning to post an update on here! So, quickly--I've been getting all of my lists finalized...Bridal Shower, Rehearsal Dinner, and trying to get the last few addresses that we have not gotten thus far for the invitations. I also started on the guest book, and I have gotten a few more packages in the mail for the favors and my wedding jewelry.

We also met with the Pastor from our church tonight and had a really nice dinner. We went to Old Towne Bistro and the food was great, but we were not aware that it was Italian night--which included some LOUD live opera music. Yes, seriously! The guy was very talented, but it was just very unexpected. Over dinner we talked about wanting to become official members of the church once we are married, and also asked him to be the one to marry us. He agreed, and we are both very excited! It really means a lot to us to be married by someone who has a certain significance to us, and it is also another thing that makes us feel closer to the church. I'm also really looking forward to the premarital counselling, it is something that I've always thought to be very important. My parents have been married for almost 30 years, and they have had struggles just like anyone else, but they have always been a great example to me showing that relationships and successful marriages take love and effort. Premarital counselling will be a great way to get more insight and advice for when our struggles come up in the future and we can be strong together to work through them.

Well, now it is very far past my bedtime, so I'll have to come back to this later.

Goodnight :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Worn Out!

This weekend has flown by! I am so worn out, but it was a lot of fun. Ryan & Jenn's wedding was beautiful yesterday, and I'm so glad that the rain and terrible weather held off in Charleston for them! It's definitely one of my worries with having an outdoor wedding, but we have the tent for back up if we need to. I also got to see my brother last night for a little bit, which was great :) He is back from Afghanistan and is on leave right now. This morning I came back home, and after church Jake and I met up with Shanti and Derrick for lunch. We went to help them pick up their new lawn mower from Sears and got to see little Reina's nursery now that they have more of her furniture and decorations put up!

Heading to bed early tonight! I'm excited for tomorrow because our cake topper is being made so I'm excited to see the photos! Jake also has a softball game which will be fun for him since they have had some time off due to weather.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy :)

I am very happy today! Why, you ask? Because I have had a very productive week with getting things checked off of the wedding list, AND I had some very good deals today. We will start with those:

From RiteAid...

Kellogs Apple Jacks
(2) Special K Strawberry
(2) M&M Peanut Easter Candy 12.6oz bag
Chex Mix Party Blend
Chex Mix Cheddar Blend
Halls Strawberry Cough Drops
Halls Honey Lemon Cough Drops
(2) Secret Women's Deodorant Gel
Secret Women's Deodorant Invisible Solid
(2) Olay Complete Body Wash 12oz
Olay Complete All-Day Moisturizing Lotion
Scope Mouthwash 750mL
Pantene Shampoo 12.6oz
Pantene Conditioner 12.6oz
(2) Dial Complete Hand Soap

Subtotal before Savings & Coupons $94.54
Total amount paid $49.67
& I got 30 Wellness+ points for my next visit!

From BiLo Grocery...
(2) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
(2) Purex Laundry Detergent 32 loads
Stain & Odor Remover
(2) Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
Hillshire Farms Honey Ham
Hillshire Farms Thin Sliced Rotisserie Chicken
Hillshire Farms Turkey
(2) Southern Home Cooked Tail-off Shrimp 100ct

Subtotal before Savings & Coupons $67.75
Total amount paid $46.11
& I now have 15cents per gallon for fuel perks.

So, on the wedding planning front...I ordered some beads off of Etsy that I am going to use to make my earrings, which I am very excited about. I make a lot of my own jewelry and it's always exciting to see the ideas become reality! Also, I bought the glass jars and lids for the wedding favors...that's all the detail I am giving about them until much closer to the wedding :) I thought it was pretty cool that the jar company is from Lancaster, PA--pretty close to where we used to live and my Dad used to work there. Funny how little things like that happen. I also ordered the envelopes for our wedding guest book, which is going to look sort of like this, but of course I'm putting my own spin on it:

I saw this in a magazine and thought that it was a really cute idea. I think it could be fun to bring it with us on our honeymoon and either read the notes on the plane or at some point on our trip.

That's all for now, my computer battery is about to die.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, my plans for the weekend did not go quite as I had planned. We were not able to do any landscaping because we realized Saturday morning that our neighborhood Architectural Review committee requires landscaping to be approved first. We are not changing around any of the landscaping beds, just the plants, but we did not want to chance it in case it would still need to be approved. Plus, my dad had some minor surgery this past week so he would not have been able to help with any digging or carrying plants, so it seemed like the best option was to wait a few weeks. We did get the new plants and layouts figured out though, so it will be ready for a weekend in May when we can get it done.

We were very productive this weekend though! We got the ribbon tied on all of the wedding invitations and got the address labels and maps printed. Now, everything is ready and my mom is going to stuff the envelopes and mail everything out this week :) There are still a handful of addresses I need to get from Jake but other than that we are good to go. It's another thing to check off of the list, which feels great!

Jake and I went to church this morning and each week we feel more and more at home there. When we figured out where we were buying a home we looked around for Presbyterian churches nearby and found this one, and three weeks ago we started trying it. After the first weekend we knew that we both really liked it. It is a smaller church and you can tell that the members are a very close church family. There are various age groups, and we are one of the youngest couples there, but we felt so at home and welcomed. We also went to a Bible study for the "young adult" age group on Tuesday night. It was the first night that they started up a Bible study for our age group, but I think that it has a lot of potential and opportunity. We are going to meet every two weeks, so our next gathering is April 12th.

I finally got ink for my printer so I can start to really get into couponing. Hopefully now that I can print the online coupons we will start to have some more extreme savings! I was a little bit disappointed with the sales this week, since it wasn't really anything that we needed. I did go to Harris Teeter tonight for a couple of things, though:

(2) Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa
Soft Tortilla Shells
Swedish Fish Easter Candy (donation for our church Easter egg hunt)
(2) Kleenex Ultra Tissue
Klondike Originals
Klondike Reeses

Total before Savings/Coupons: $27.83
Total Paid: $15.00