Tuesday, May 29, 2012

HGTV Green Home

HGTV Green Home 2012 Giveaway
3 more days of eligibility to enter so that this beauty could be ours!! haha..I always like entering to try to win the HGTV Dream Homes and Green Homes, but this has been the first one that I was good about entering each day from the beginning. I missed the week we were in Vegas, though. Of course it's a long shot, but it's fun to dream! They will be notifying the winner the last week of June. We'll See :)

Belk China Update:  It has already arrived!  Came in on Friday or Saturday I believe.  I was very impressed with Belk for how quickly it shipped and got here.  It was packaged very well and had no issues with damage.  Now I can't wait for the next opportunity to use them!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artsy Ideas

I've decided to enter in a photography contest in Rock Hill.  I have never really had any formal photography training but I think I have a bit of a natural eye for composition when I try.  I have several photos from my trip to Greece that I love and so I've decided to pick two of those to enter.  I would enter four but I think that the two I have chosen work well to be submitted together, and plus since it's my first time doing a photography contest I don't want to pay extra for two additional photos when I don't know what to expect.  I am looking for a good place to get them printed out fairly larger (I'm thinking at least 11"x14" format), anybody have any suggestions?  I know that places like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid all have photo centers but the print quality is what I am apprehensive about.  The deadline is June 2nd to have them turned in, and then they notify all of the selected competitors by June 8th.  The winners and awards will be announced June 21st.  Hopefully I will make the cut!  We shall see...it will be fun and it's not too much to enter.  The top 3 places get significant monetary prizes so that would be exciting!  If I make the cut they also keep your artwork hanging up for about a month and anyone who visits has the opportunity to purchase it, so that is a possibility also.  Either way, we still need to get some stuff up on our walls at home so these could maybe go in the hall upstairs or in our dining room.  I'm going to try to find a coupon to get frames at Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and hopefully can find a printer at a decent price, maybe even with an online promo code!

There is also an art contest in August for any type of artwork to be submitted in a general contest.  I think I might submit the charcoal drawing I did of one of our wedding photos (shown here).  That one I am much more confident in, it will just be interesting since all of the different types of artwork will be judged against one another and not knowing what the judges may favor.

I will update with how everything goes. 

And yes, I know I haven't updated on Las Vegas yet...It was awesome and exhausting.  I will load pictures and summarize this weekend when I have more free time! (Long weekend, woo hoo!!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I always love a great deal!!

...And today's was great!!

One of my friends is getting married this summer and she told me about how Belk sends out exclusive coupon emails to people who sign up for it on the Belk website.  She got a great deal back in December on the rest of her holiday fine china.  I signed up to get the emails in January and whenever they send a coupon I always check the website to see if there are any sales going on, because it is always better to combine a coupon with an existing sale!  Well, today there was. 

We got 4 place settings of our fine china as wedding gifts last year, and I hope to eventually have at least 8 place settings.  My pattern is English Lace from Wedgewood, which I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it...

I love how it is more relief monochromatic with just the detail of the silver edge.  It is so intricate and beautiful.  Classic.  My mom's fine china from when my parent's got married was colorful and she told me that it's always better to go neutral because you can pair it with anything and it never goes out of style.  I definitely agree.  I also use this china as our holiday china because right now, the holidays are pretty much the only occasions we use these dishes for!  It looks beautiful with a Christmas tablescape, too. 

So, about the deal I got...The email code was for an additional 20% off, including sale prices.  I looked and the 5 piece place settings were on sale for $65 off the usual price.  With the additional 20%, I got a total of $84 off each place setting, so I decided to order two.  They also had a special offer for most of their china that when you buy a 5 piece place setting, you get something for free.  For my pattern, you got the rimmed soup bowl for free, so I also got two of those.  The last part of the deal was that since it was over $99, there is free standard shipping from the Belk website.  Therefore:

Total before promotions and discounts:  $556.40 w/free shipping
Total Paid (including sale and promo):  $218.14 w/free shipping

Love, Love, Love it!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Portrait

Most recent portrait work....Mother's Day present for my mom

I also added a line from their wedding dance song, "Always and Forever"...

We gave it to her this past weekend because Jake and I are leaving for Las Vegas this weekend.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three More Days!!


Three more days until Vegas, so here is some fun info regarding 3's....

Three names I go by:
1. Stacey/Stace
2. Dolly (from my momma)
3. Woober/Woob/Wooberina (from my family, after my "wooby blanket" when I was little)

Three Jobs I've had in my life:
1. AutoCAD Assistant
2. Kitchen & Bath Designer
3. Office Furniture Salesperson

Three Places I have lived:
1. Reading, PA
2. Florence, SC
3. Rock Hill, SC

Three Favorite Drinks:
1. Water
2. Coffee
3. Amaretto Sour

TV Shows I currently watch:
1. The Voice
2. Real Housewives of New Jersey
3. Giuliana and Bill

Three Places I have been:
1. Greece
2.  Grand Canyon
3. soon to be VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!

Three Favorite foods:
1. Hummus
2. Ice Cream
3. Shrimp anything

Three things that are always by my side:
1. Phone
2. Pen/marker/some form of writing utensil

3. Chapstick

Three things I am looking forward to:
1. VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Summertime (being able to enjoy it since I'm not working wkends anymore)
3. Jake & my 1 year wedding anniversary :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

NC Amendment 1

All of this talk about Amendment 1 has been driving me nuts. Not so much the actual Amendment as the comments urging people to be for or against it. The crazy thing is that this Amendment has so many parts, and the only one that anybody pays attention to is that it has something to do with Gay Rights. I see people posting on Facebook, saying to vote for Amendment 1 if you are a Christian, and that the Bible says marriage is between a man and a woman. While this issue is near and dear to my heart, I can distance myself to at least understand where both sides are coming from, or why they are in support for or against it. I just can not believe the extreme comments people are making. Freedom of speech is one thing, but knowing that you have friends with various opinions and being unabashedly offensive is another. Facebook is not like a blog, where you can choose to go to a certain page and read someone's thoughts. It pops up on the mini feed and everyone is subject to it.

Ever since moving to the "Bible Belt" it has never ceased to amaze me how people will pick and choose which issues they want to advocate about from the Bible. They will bash, with every fiber of their being, these issues and people involved with them. Yet, at the same time, they are sinning in their own way. First, let's all be reminded "Thou Shalt Not Judge." I think many people also confuse "witnessing" with passing judgement. So many people discuss the issue of Gay Rights with hate and judgement, ironically sinning while they are discussing how wrong someone else is for the sin of homosexuality. 

So, someone is against homosexuality because the Bible says it is wrong. I understand if they feel that way, but do not preach it and be offensive about it when that same person might go home that night, look at pornography or use contraceptives (of course with their husband/wife, because they would never even think of having premarital sex!! *note my sarcasm*). The Bible tells us that all of these things are wrong, yet people seem so content to let some of these issues slide. Just because you can make up reasons or convince yourself that God understands, or it's not as bad as something else, does not mean that you are right. All sins are the same in the eyes of God.

And aside from religion, let's look at Amendment 1 from a political stand-point. I will make a generalization here and say that most strict, Southern Christians are Republicans. Now, many people recently have been using the comparison of Gay Rights to Women's Rights and the Civil Rights movement. Let's make it more current, and think back to 2008. Remember how during that election Republicans were irate over the fact that there were African Americans voting for Barack Obama JUST because he was a Black man? I think of this Amendment the same way. Voting YES for Amendment 1 just because you are a Christian or are Homophobic is equally as ignorant.

Working in NC, I know people who are on both sides of this issue. I can understand viewpoints from both sides of this issue. However, at least EDUCATE YOURSELF to know exactly what this Amendment is FULLY about before you go to cast your vote.

That's all, have a nice day.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!



I am so excited for this vacation.  I have not been on a full week long vacation somewhere like this since high school when we would go to the beach for a week on Spring Break.  This should be such a fun and relaxing break.  

 So, in honor of this, here are my 5 must-do's for this vacation:

1.  Spend an entire day relaxing by the pool.

2. Go on an ATV Tour of the Ring of Fire desert---CHECK! Thanks to Groupon :)

3.  Play Black Jack at a live casino table
4.  Attend a show.  Some that look neat to me are:
5.  Ride one of the skyscraper roller coasters.  Yes, this is going to scare me half to death but I just feel like it's a must!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Ideas

As mentioned before, our backsplash (or lack thereof) is a bit pitiful right now.  I want to do something simple with an accent border, just using really beautiful and unique tile.  Here are some of the things I am loving:

This is kind of along the lines of what I'm thinking.  A base row or two of subway tile, then glass mosaic accent (I want variation of color though) and then continue the base tile above.  I love this marble but we will probably do travertine, since the color will work better with our granite.
This uses my favorite style of glass tile--crushed glass.  "Sonoma Glass" or "Art Glass" would be the official term for it, but it is so beautiful!  I love the way the glaze surrounds the broken glass pieces, and the way that the light picks up on the facets.  I also like how the slate brings in the colors of our granite, although you have to be good with keeping up with slate since it is porous and can stain.