Our Wedding

Planning a wedding...it's hard to believe how quickly it passes and how long it's been since ours!  Here's a little reflection and some recommendations for other Brides-to-Be:

Engagement Pictures
These were important to me because we were having a somewhat long engagement [1.5yrs].  People will give you a lot of opinions on these, but what was important to me was to have them somewhat tie into our wedding [since I was going to use them for Save-the-Dates].  To accomplish that, we took them outdoors, and we wore outfits that were in our wedding colors. 

Glencairn Gardens 2010

Our photographers did a great job and we were so pleased with the results!  You can see more here.

Wedding Planning
As you can see in the engagement pictures, it was also very important to me that everything for our wedding gave the impression that it was our wedding.  I've never been the girl who wanted to be a princess and thought the wedding was all about me.  It's our wedding.  Our day.  Because of that, I chose the wedding colors of Red, Black, & Gold with some natural texture mixed in to give it the Southern/outdoorsy feel.   Now, if it was just my day, it would have been something like green dresses, white & yellow flowers, tan suits with paisley ties....sounds beautiful, doesn't it?   But it was our day, and I found a color scheme and style that I loved equally as much.  My husband, the die-hard Georgia fan, told me that he'd always pictured himself wearing a black tux at his wedding [how cute, I know!] so that was where the color scheme took roots.  I didn't like the idea of black with the shade of green I had in mind, so I figured why not go with Georgia colors, then added in some Gold for a feminine touch. 

Since we were tying in the college sports color scheme, and since I knew there was a 0% chance of getting my groom in a paisley tie, I had the idea to do striped ties.  Since every groomsman was a fan of a different team, I thought it would be fun to have them each wear the same tie in different colors for their school [we attached the mascot patches].

Ties | Boutonnieres

And since people at the ceremony might not be close enough to see the mascots, we incorporated it into the programs.


One of my biggest pieces of wedding planning advice is discover the amazing world that is Etsy.  There are so many ways to get great deals and personalized items to make your wedding unique and your own.  Etsy items could be found all throughout my wedding...

I hand made my earrings and earrings that were gifts to my girls. 
Beads | Floral Hairpiece

And I didn't get a picture of it before, but here's the garter [UGA fabric]...

Similar Garter from the same Shop.  I sent her custom fabric to make mine.
Sand Ceremony Vases
Custom Cake Topper
Similar Birch Rosettes

Special Moments
When we decided on an outdoor wedding, we knew we would need some sort of arbor to be married at.  My amazing dad, being so talented and handy, built us this gazebo which now resides in our back yard at our home.

To continue the family tradition that Jake's cousin Brooke started at her wedding, we exited the ceremony to the Georgia Fight Song.

Since Jake's dad passed away while we were in college, we knew that we wanted a special part of our wedding to honor him.  We each released a red balloon once we got to the end of the aisle.

To see more from our day, head over here.


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