Thursday, January 30, 2014

36 Weeks!

How far along?  36 weeks, 2 days

Total weight gain/loss: +26.5 lbs  (last week)<--My 36 week appt. got cancelled due to the snow, so we will have to wait and see next week!

Maternity clothes? Yes. 

Sleep: pretty much the same.
Best baby moment this week:  taking some impromptu snow belly pictures!  Had to document the prego snowstorm!

Have you told family and friends: Yes

Miss Anything?  Sleeping through the night.  Moving quickly.  
Movement: Still strong!  Some days she's more mobile than others, but when she moves she really moves!

Food cravings: Cinnamon Applesauce!  And SpaghettiO's...not together, I promise.

Anything making you queasy or sickNot really

Have you started to show yetof course, getting pretty large & in charge!

Gender: girl :)

Labor Signs: Some Braxton Hicks contractions...feeling some slight pressure and my hip joints have started popping, so definitely seeing signs of my body preparing. 

Belly Button in or out?  I'd go with just pretty flat.  Still an innie, but extremely shallow.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but some days it's a little snug.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy/tired.  

Looking forward to:  Maternity pictures on Saturday and Superbowl Sunday!  Going to be a fun weekend :)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Gear assembly!

Well we had a very fun and productive weekend!  Thanks to some amazing family, friends, and a few coupons, the corner of our living room has looked like this since my baby shower a couple weekends ago [post about the shower coming soon once I upload the pictures!]:

And as of yesterday, every single one has been assembled!  We feel quite accomplished.  Our living room currently looks like a baby store showroom, but these will be making their way to their "places" around the house and in the car very soon :)

In case it's hard to tell from the boxes, here are the items we've gotten for baby Ryleigh...

1. My Little Lamb Platinum Edition Rock N'Play Sleeper / This is what we are using for the bassinet while Ryleigh is sleeping in our bedroom.  I like that she will be sleeping at a slight incline [although I hope that doesn't cause issues when we transition her to her crib later..] and it's the perfect height for sitting beside the bed.  All parts of it are very soft and breathable, and I love how easy it is to fold up or to carry and move around. 

2.  Britax B-Agile & B-Safe Travel System / This choice went heavily on safety ratings and reviews.  Britax is a great brand, and these will be two of the most used pieces for not only Ryleigh but also more than likely for Baby #2 whenever she/he comes along in the future.  Typically strollers & car seats have a "lifespan" of 5-7 years so we wanted something great quality, gender neutral, and a stroller that was easy to fold and use.  Once we saw this demonstration video we were sold.  Of course, Jake wanted it in Georgia Red :)

3. Fisher-Price Discover N'Grow Gym / This play mat just had really great reviews when I was looking at all of the different play gyms for tummy time & stimulation.  I like that it is so versatile and can "grow with the baby" for the different stages of play and learning. 

4. Fisher-Price Deluxe Monkey Bouncer / I have heard mixed reviews about whether or not to get a baby swing [price vs. use], so instead I looked for a good bouncy seat because I've heard they are generally much more useful.  This seat is actually more on the affordable side, but has fantastic reviews.  I love that the activity bar is electronic and has lights and sounds for stimulation, this is the only one that I have seen like that. Usually, if there is an activity bar it just has dangling stuffed toys.  The activity bar is removable so this will also be a great little spot for her to take naps and relax.

5. Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper / I admit, I totally buy into the Baby Einstein brand.  I love for every toy or book to be educational in some way.  I think it's great that they have a purpose to the reason things are colored a certain way or including different patterns on things.  Even when babies are too young to understand, they are still getting the visual exposure to the concept.  This jumper has great reviews and lots of fun things to play with. 

6. Graco Pack N'Play with Reversible Napper & Changer / I really like the Graco brand, and their pack n' plays have great reviews.  I really like these ones with the napper/changer attachment so that we have a convenient little changing table when we are traveling, or even if this just ends up being set up in our living room.  We chose the Scribbles pattern because it's a nice gender neutral color and pattern, and it just so happens to match the colors in our house really well too!

Friday, January 24, 2014

35 Weeks!

How far along?  35 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: +26.5 lbs  (no change since our last appointment)

Maternity clothes? Yes, oh yes. 

Sleep: blah still...uncomfortable, waking up starving at 3am, and all that jazz.  But, at least I'm able to fall back to sleep pretty quickly so I am very thankful for that!  Jake has also been an absolutely amazing husband and has had to tuck me in most nights...And by that I mean, by the time I lay down and get my pregnancy body pillow situated, I can't reach the covers! So he's been adorable and tucking me in so that I'm nice and comfy :)

Best baby moment this week:  Receiving some sweet gifts for Ryleigh, and also feeling overall much more settled because we have a lot organized and ready for her.  Still a few things left on the to-do list, though.

Have you told family and friends: Yes

Miss Anything?  Sleeping through the night.  Moving quickly.  Sushi. 
Movement: Still strong!  Some days she's more mobile than others, but when she moves she really moves!

Food cravings: Still pasta, chocolate milk, and juice.  Loving fruit in any form--lately lots of granny smith apples & peanut butter!

Anything making you queasy or sickNot really

Have you started to show yetOh yes :)  belly bump is measuring right on track at 36cm/36 weeks [I've been measuring 4 days ahead almost my whole pregnancy]

Gender: Sweet little girl :)

Labor Signs: just some Braxton Hicks contractions...Several people have also said my belly looks like it's gotten lower, and I sort of agree.  No real labor signs though, and hopefully not for at least another two weeks! [Just had a slight heart attack typing that...]

Belly Button in or out?  I'd go with just pretty flat.  Still an innie, but extremely shallow.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but some days it's a little snug.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy/tired.  

Looking forward to: A fun weekend celebrating friends and our sweet nephew's 1st birthday!  Also, can't wait for our maternity pictures in a couple of weeks!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Nesting Mode

Yay for things coming together!  This week I have been nesting like crazy.  I don't know what it is...I will be tired and worn out, dealing with sciatic nerve pain, but then all of a sudden get this huge urge to do something.  Opening the box of Amazon goodies turned into opening the box, unboxing and putting everything away, setting up the sound machine, reorganizing the changing table [which was covered in baby shower goodies], cleaning and organizing the guest bath vanity, master bath vanity, kitchen countertops, completely cleaning out and reorganizing the pantry, and I ran two loads of laundry...within a span of about 2.5 hours!
Then last night, Jake had to run to Walmart to get a couple things, and I all of a sudden had a burst of energy and decided to finally sew the crib skirt.  The design I was going with was really simple, the skirt is actually 3 pieces [2 sides and front] that stay separate and as you lower the crib you can adjust the three skirt pieces so that it doesn't get all bunched up and lumpy looking.  I still need to get the Velcro to attach it, but we taped it in last night to make sure the size fit and see how it looked :)
And to further help with my need for organization, I found a fun diaper bag today!  I originally chose one from Target, but saw this deal on Zulily today for a Built brand diaper bag--usually retails for $120 and I got it for $55 including shipping!  That's still $20 cheaper than the original one I wanted, and I'm excited because I love Built products...
I love all of the pockets and the two options for shoulder straps.  I was debating which pattern to go with, and ultimately decided on the black/white polka dot one.  It's neutral but still fun :)  It will also match our Travel System and my designer mind really cares about that...I can't wait until it arrives and I can start filling it up!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Packages :)

Have I mentioned how much coming home to baby packages on my doorstep is pretty much better than Christmas? Cause it is.  For our baby shower, one of my aunts from PA mailed us a sweet card with Amazon [one of the places I registered] gift card.  We were able to get all of these items for her since Amazon was having a great sale!  & I just received the notification that I'll get to open these fun things tonight:

1.  Boon Squirt Spoon / I have read amazing reviews on how easy this spoon makes feeding a little one [once she's old enough] especially when you aren't at home.  I'm already planning on getting a couple more.
2.  Boon Pulp Silicone Feeder / Also read great things about this feeder, especially when you freeze it for teething babies. 
3.  Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad / A changing pad is a changing pad I guess, but I like that it's a double layer of quilted vinyl to be soft, durable, and easy to clean.
4.  Aquatopia Bath Thermometer & Alarm Turtle / This little thing seems helpful and cute! I like that it's not only a thermometer, it also has an alarm to alert you when the water is too hot OR too cold for baby. 
5.  Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine / I've read great reviews about this sound machine.  I like the range of songs, nature noises, and white noise that you can choose from.  It also lets off a soft glow for a night light.  It also has an mp3 player plug in, so we can play any songs that we want for her.  It's also only about 6" wide so it's nice that it isn't too big and won't take up too much room on the dresser.
6.  Boon Orb Bottle Warmer / I chose this bottle warmer because of the great reputation of Boon products, and also because I love that it comes with a basket to also warm baby food.  I plan to dabble in making baby food once Ryleigh is old enough, and I think this will really come in handy!

I'm hoping that all of these products live up to the hype!  Once little girl is here we will find out :)  But in the mean time, it makes me so happy to see the final bits and pieces of her nursery and other house baby prep coming together!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wardrobe Woes

Trying to plan clothing when you have no idea what size you will be post-baby is not much fun.  Trying to find things that will be nursing-friendly and can also double as a "normal" wardrobe item can also be tricky.  I absolutely loathe spending money on maternity/nursing clothing when it is so temporary and most of the time not cheap.  I've had a little bit of success through sales at Destination Maternity, especially when combined with some gift cards that I received for my birthday back in October.  Good staples --like maternity jeans, tank tops, leggings, and t-shirts--can be found at Ross for really great prices but the selection of color and style is very limited.  I've found a few things on Zulily, where the only down-side is wait time for the order to ship.  Most items that I have ordered from Zulily have arrived within about 3 weeks, but I placed an order almost a month ago for a maternity dress that I had intended to wear to my baby shower and it still has yet to ship.  Maybe I'll find something else to wear that dress to? Otherwise, I guess it will be stored for a few years until baby#2 comes around.  

Here are some Zulily purchases that I recently made, and at $15/per item I'm pretty happy with it!

These are all regular women's clothing items that seem very postpartum & nursing friendly.  They are also ones that I can wear to work or dress down.   I'm also loving all of the fun pastel colors for spring :)

One other clothing item that is very important for winter pregnancy is a good maternity jacket!  The prices on those can get out-of-control expensive, but I highly recommend this MAMA Parka from H&M maternity!  It is nice enough that it's appropriate for work environments or a nice evening out, but also fitting for a casual day running errands.  The material is also thick enough where it's a great 3-season jacket for the weather in SC.  I have it in black, but it also comes in a nice beige color right now.  Last fall they also carried it in olive green, so I'm guessing they may switch out the 2nd color offering seasonally....

Friday, January 10, 2014


How far along?  33 weeks, 3 days

Total weight gain/loss: +26.5 lbs

Maternity clothes? All the time!  and realizing that I need to start investing in some comfy lounge nursing/post-partum clothing because I don't have much and I don't want to live in my pj's while on maternity leave!

Sleep: blah.  Let's say we've hit that uncomfortable stage and sleep isn't going so great.  Thankfully I'm not having to deal with insomnia and I can still fall asleep, it's just that it's hard to find a comfortable position to lay in, and any type of rolling over/adjusting my maternity body pillow/having to get out of bed to pee takes a lot of effort.

 Best baby moment this week:  Receiving some baby gifts and things I've ordered in the mail!  We received the sweetest set of outfits from a family friend of Jake's, and I already have ideas that one of the outfits would be perfect for her to wear for her baptism :)  We also got in the vinyl decal of her name to go over the crib and I can't wait to get it up on the wall!!

Have you told family and friends: Yes

Miss Anything?  Being able touch my toes.  This may seem silly or random at first, but just think about how many things are more difficult to do when you don't have that range of motion.  Put on a sock, put on pants & underwear, tie shoes, paint my own toenails, pick up anything that I drop on the ground, etc.....

Movement: Still lots.  I've read that it may decrease just a little because she has a longer sleep cycle now, but I feel her strong little kicks, rolls, and other kung-fu movements all day long! 

Food cravings: Still pasta, chocolate milk, and juice!  Loving fruit in any form--fresh, juice, frozen yogurt flavors, or covered in chocolate..haha

Anything making you queasy or sickNot really

Have you started to show yetOh yes :)  belly bump is measuring right on track at 34cm/34 weeks [I've been measuring 4 days ahead almost my whole pregnancy]

Gender: GIRL!  

Labor Signs: just some Braxton Hicks contractions...I've been wondering if I've been feeling them for a couple of weeks but now they are stronger so I know it's signs of real labor yet though, and hopefully not for at least another month!

Belly Button in or out?  I'd say that's somewhat debatable. 

Wedding rings on or off? On, but some days it's a little snug.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy/tired.  I do get emotional over sad/sweet things.  

Looking forward to: My baby shower tomorrow!!  I can't wait to see everyone and all my friends who live out of town.  Receiving baby gifts is also pretty much better than Christmas, because everything is either mini-sized and super adorable, or it makes you think about how you will be using it for your baby so you get all happy and sentimental.
We are also touring the hospital this Sunday so I'm really excited to see what it's like!
Also, since I haven't posted about them in a while...say hello to these sassy little studs:
...and I guess I should say that we've made progress!  Reece finally knows that I'm pregnant! haha..or at least he knows that something is different.  It only took my big ol' 7-month baby bump to get the point across.  Kona has been so intuitive and protective of me [even more than his usual..such a momma's boy] the entire time that Jake and I swear he knew that I was pregnant even before we did.  Reece on the other hand, did not.  He would still try to jump up on me and when we would cuddle on the sofa he would move his head all around trying to "adjust" his pillow [ bump] and would get frustrated when he couldn't.  Well, now he's much more careful around me and very mindful of my belly.  So cute and funny to see how they act, and I know they will be sweet and protective of little miss Ryleigh!


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Did You Know?

This post is just to share some information with fellow mommas & I'm sorry to anyone else who finds it boring or irrelevant! 

Mommas--did you know that most baby stores have text coupons & deal alerts?  Buy Buy Baby advertises theirs a lot, but other stores do the same thing!  I had no idea that you can get baby-specific deals from Target (so you don't have to weed through all of the other categories on the Cartwheel app)....

So, here are the ones I'm subscribed to and find useful:

Target Baby
Text: BABY4 to 827438

Babies R Us
Text:  GO to 72229

Buy Buy Baby
Text:  OFFER to 42229

and one more just for fun:

Text:  DEALS to 727272

Monday, January 6, 2014

Baby Bargin!

Today thanks to Frugal Coupon Living, one of the deal blogs I follow, we scored a great deal on our baby monitor for little one!

I was checking the blog updates and saw that Kohl's had a great deal on the Motorola 2.8" Wireless Baby Video Monitor that we are registered for at Target.  Here's the breakdown:

Original Price:           $229.99
Kohl's Sale Price:      $189.99   [Target Sale Price is currently $179.99]

Coupon: BABYLOVE20 saved $38
Coupon: LUCKY15OFF saved $23

AND: on orders of $75 or more = Free Standard Shipping!
Earn $10 Kohls Cash on every $50 spent:  $20 Kohls Cash earned

So, our baby monitor is originally $229.99, and with sales tax I paid $138.23.  With the Kohls Cash that we will receive, that's like getting our monitor for $118, over $100 in savings :)

**Other Mommas:  The Frugal Coupon posting is from yesterday and says to stack the coupons BABYLOVE20 and HAPPY2014, however today HAPPY2014 did not work for me.  I found LUCKY15OFF and that worked like a charm for the same discount!

Gotta love a great deal! Plus, we just received a card for our baby shower gift from my grandparents who live out of town, and used that money towards this purchase.  I love to keep track of what we purchase with gift cards or monetary gifts, because we can let those people know what they helped us get for Ryleigh and how useful/helpful it will be!  Especially with having a lot of far-away relatives, it makes it more fun since they can't experience the actual baby shower.

The countdown is getting real....

Look for another "bumpdate" later this week after my 33 week appointment on Friday :)