Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fall :)

I know every post recently is about how much I love fall, but I just am so excited about it.  I think having our house to decorate has fueled this a little bit more than usual.  It just makes me smile every day seeing our cute Halloween decorations when I leave the house. 

I am also excited because we are nearing our kitchen remodel.  I found some cabinets at a local company in Rock Hill that I need to go see in person.  They seem great though, solid wood construction, dark stain, Shaker style, which is exactly what we are looking for.  We decided to get granite instead of quartz because our kitchen is going to be just a little too big for one quartz slab and I don't want to add the cost of a second slab. 

Lots of stuff going on right now that I will hopefully be able to update you on by the end of the weekend :) for now, I will leave you a couple pictures of my stud muffins...

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