Monday, July 15, 2013

Catch Up

Here's a little catch-up for life lately.  Sorry for the lack of blogging, between working, the holiday weekend, and everything in between I feel like we have been nothing but busy lately!!  Let's catch up quick with photos...

One of my best friends got married on June 29th, and I was her Matron of Honor :)

We've gotten hooked on this show.  Anybody else? 
It's so intense, has a great cast, and keeps you interested every episode from start to finish. 

We spent July 4th out on the lake with some friends.  Sadly I didn't get any pictures because all the phones got put away into the Pelican during the short little stint of rain that we encountered.  Thankfully, that only lasted about 2-3 minutes before it was nice out again and we enjoyed the rest of the day in the water and grilling out burgers & brats at Goat Island!
We had a little impromptu date-night-in with some OG To-Go [so delicious, it had been too long]

and some Sonic Blasts for dessert...perfect!
There have been some lazy Saturday mornings involving lots snuggling with these two silly boys...

Kona Monster

& last but not least, yesterday I went to supper club with some couples from our church and their kiddos.  Always a fun time! The host family has a good bit of land and they have an uber-fun backyard complete with pool, fancy patio area, and a zipline that goes over a pond.  Great for entertainment!  It was also sort of a potluck where we each brought sides or desserts to accompany the main dish [burgers on the grill] and it was funny to see how everyone got their recipes off guessed it  >> Pinterest.
Here is my Cinnamon Apple Strudel recipe that turned out pretty fabulous: 
I also added some Hershey's White Chips to the recipe:
These are sooo good and perfect for the person who is not the biggest
White Chocolate fan since they are Vanilla flavored.
I'm searching for some of the other recipes and I'll share them as well
once I have a chance to test them out myself!

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