Sunday, November 30, 2014


Ryleigh is 9 months old!!!!!  She is 3/4 of a year old.  Man time is moving fast.  Last week was the first time I looked at her and got really sad that she's no longer that little infant we brought home from the hospital.  Gosh, the first few months were exhausting and emotional and hard a lot of the time, but I miss napping with her on my chest (a rare occasion these days) and relaxing with her...because these days she is all "Go,go,go!" <--- her first cheer, when watching the world series with Mommy & Daddy :) we were proud.

Not to much has changed here. We have been introducing puffs and teething crackers which she seems to like!  She got to try loaded potato soup and loved it!

 Two little pearly whites :) Some top ones seem to be on the way.

No real change here.


Lots and lots of crawling. Lots of crawling.  Lots.

She now says/has said:
"Papa" (my father-in-law)
"Kk" referring to Kona
"Ba ba ba ba"
"Ta ta ta ta"
"RrrrrLLl" <--Her version of Ryleigh that she's copied us saying a couple times.
"Go, Go, Go!"
"Ko" <--Kona
"Reee" <--Reece
"Cak" <----Clap
"Hi Dada"

We can get her to copy us saying things fairly often, especially if it's just us with her and not a bunch of new people/things around.  She's very talkative in her jibber jabber.  She also LOVES clicking her tongue and making the sound of a rolling "R" (like in Spanish).

Waving Hi & Bye bye

Size 3, mostly only Luvs because they fit her well and they're cheaper than Pampers.


  Mostly 12 month but she still fits into some 6-9 onesies.

--took our 1st professional
family pictures
--1st allergic reaction to medicine
--1st sickness that required doctor visit, viral infection
--1st Fall Festival
--1st Halloween! Went as a polar bear/El Oso Blanco/Evan Gattis

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