Wednesday, January 14, 2015

e l e v e n


Ryleigh is 11 months old!!!!! 

Weight:  20lbs 12oz

The biggest new thing there is her food dye allergy.  We discovered this through her breaking out into severe welted hives for about a week after her exposure to goldfish crackers.  Her allergy is to Annatto, which is a natural food dye for yellow/orange color often used in cheddar flavored foods but also found in some butter and cosmetics.  Kind of like nature's version of Yellow 5, but it's still a common allergen for people.  Annatto is a seed from South America.  It's actually in one of her old favorite snacks--Gerber Lil Crunchies Mild Cheddar.  In hindsight, after we introduced the Lil Crunchies she had this weird bumpy dry skin on the backs of her shoulders.  It seemed like her baby eczema so that's how we treated it.  She also had some random times that she threw up, which we assumed was from drinking her milk too quickly, and sometimes her nose would be pink that we assumed was due to congestion.  Now we know that it was a milder allergic reaction, but the Lil Crunchies use Annatto extract and they are not as strong of a color or flavor so they do not have as much annatto as the goldfish which was a much crazier reaction.

She drinks usually five 6oz. bottles of breastmilk a day, sometimes a 6th partial or whole bottle if she's going through a growth spurt. Not showing any interest in a sippy cup, even when we put a different liquid in it [breastmilk, diluted grape juice, or water].  

Foods she has tried-- refried beans, chicken noodle soup, cool whip, yogurt bites, puffs and lil'crunchies from Gerber, steamed carrots, cut up banana, cut up peach

Foods she loves--guacamole, crescent rolls, breadsticks, potato soup

 Working on her 8th tooth coming through!  Her crankiness from teething seems to be much less lately, either she's getting more used to it or these teeth coming in aren't as painful.

Still doing very well. She wakes up around 7ish, give or take a half hour, during the week and often times sleeps in until around 8am on the weekends which we are very thankful for!  She goes down for her morning nap around 9-10am and sleeps for usually right at 2hrs.  If she's going through a growth spurt or if it's a dark, rainy day she sometimes goes a little longer.  Then she wakes up and plays non-stop until her afternoon nap, which is usually around 2-3pm and lasts an hour.  She doesn't usually go much longer than that in the afternoon.  She then wakes up and plays until bedtime around 7:15pm.  She is really great on this routine and it works out pretty well for us. 


Lots of pulling up and I'm sure we are not long away from walking. She seems to be able to do it, just lacking a little bit of confidence to let go of holding onto something.

She now says/has said:
"Papa" only once (my father-in-law)
"Kk" referring to Kona
"Ba ba ba ba"
"Ta ta ta ta"
"RrrrrLLl" <--Her version of Ryleigh that she's copied us saying a couple times.
"Go, Go, Go!"
"Ko" <--Kona
"Reee" <--Reece
"Cak" <----Clap
"Hi Dada"
"Daw" <---Dog
"Gog"  her other version of dog
"Hey duh" her version of "Hey there"

Clicking her tongue
Giving kisses...her human version [open mouth] and dog version [open mouth w/tongue sticking out!]
making the sound of a rolling "R" (like in Spanish)
Waving Hi & Bye bye

Size 3


  Mostly 12 month but we can also put 18 month pants on her for added length. String bean.

 SPECIAL FIRSTS --First Christmas
--First New Year!
--First time she did an un-prompted "Hey there!" accompanied with a wave Hi!
--Climbing the stairs
--Food allergy :(
--Trying to let the dogs in the house [she understands the concept of the deadbolt and doorknob on the patio door, and she stands on her tippy toes trying to turn them although she isn't strong enough].
 --WALKING!!!! She decided to take several steps unassisted a few times at exactly 11 months old 1/14/15

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