Tuesday, April 24, 2012

House Projects

Wrote this one last night before my computer battery died and I didn't notice...

Well, as you know from visiting our house or reading past blog posts, we remodeled our kitchen this past Fall.  I absolutely love our new granite and cabinets, but the finishing touches have yet to be done.  We had a really busy winter and spring has been flying by, plus we are taking our big Vegas vacay this May.  I am hoping that as soon as our bank account recovers from the casinos (or maybe sooner if we win big!! Haha) that we can finish up the new light over the peninsula and the backsplash.  My previous job gave me so much knowledge and exposure to the kitchen design field, so it is hard for me to decide on what I love, and what won't break the bank.  We are definitely not making the six figure salaries of my old clients!  Although being a designer does have its perks and discounts which I am always grateful for :)

I really want a good work light over the peninsula because it is caught between the two areas where our lights currently are.  I browsed online and think I have found some winners.  I will post pics later.

For the backsplash, I definitely want natural stone because it looks the best when you have real stone countertops.  Since our granite has a lit of movement, it will be something more muted.  I want to accent it with glass tile.  At my old job I found a glass series that I fell in love with, so I will have to see what deals I can find for it.  There is also another line that we bought for one of my last clients before I left that I really like.  In pictures I wasn't sure about it but it was beautiful in person. 

I have also been thinking about refinishing our coffee table.  I think I would like to paint it, and the replace the glass in the middle with glass tile mosaic.  It will give some color and interest.

That's all for now, goodnight!

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