Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend Review...

We had a great, jam packed weekend!

On Friday, I had the day off of work so Jenna, Jake's little sister, and I went shopping for her prom dress.  We found some good options but did not end up purchasing anything. 

On Saturday, I got up and ran some errands at Southpark, found Jenna a prom dress in BeBe, got my hair cut, and then headed back to Rock Hill to watch Jake in a softball tournament.  I was long over due for a trim and Lauren at Ulta always does such an amazing job!! She always gives me a free blow out at the end because she likes all of my layers and the way my hair will hold a curl.  I also dyed my hair, which was supposed to turn out a lighter brown, but actually ended up my exact natural hair color, which I surprisingly am loving.  I liked it really dark but wanted to change things up since the weather is getting warmer and sun is out more.  My parents came up to visit and got to see Jakes softball games that afternoon.  It was fun for them to see him play, and his team did really well, coming in 4th out of twenty teams. 

Sunday we had a beautiful Easter service at church, and then headed out to Brody's birthday party.  He is looking like such a little man, all the baby fat is going away! It is still so crazy for me to see friends' or family's children and to see that parent's features in the child's face.  It makes me wonder what mine and Jake's kids will look like someday :) I can also now post pictures of our present for Brody, the other piece of artwork I have been working on lately...I am typing this on the iPad app so I'm not sure where the picture is going to be added in.  The lighting is not the best but you can still see...

That's all for now, Goodnight!

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