Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Get Fit!

Yep!  Pretty much sums it up.
I am on day 3 tonight, and my muscles already feel ripped apart.  Love that burn!
Also, I wanted to share a free website that you can go to that helps you track your meals.  This is awesome!
You go to and click on "My Plate".  You can make a free profile and it is crazy how much information that they have loaded into it.  You type in whatever you have eaten--down to the brand and portion size.  They have many fast food chains and family restaurants pre-loaded so you can build your exact sandwich from Subway or type in exactly what you got from Chili's.  They even have vitamins so I can add in my Women's One-a-day multivitamin and my Fish Oil pills that I have to take from my LASIK surgery.  What I like about it is that not only does it tell you what your calorie intake should be for your age, height, and weight, but it also calculates all of the carbs, fats, calories, sodium, etc. of that food.  That way, people who usually count calories can see if they are actually eating an unhealthy diet since it's high in sodium or cholesterol.  It was surprising to me because by tracking the last three days, I have actually been significantly under my recommended calorie intake, but one day I was almost 20% over my daily value for sodium.  Just gives you things to think about.  AND if it could get even more fantastic, they even have exercise workouts that you can add in with the time that you did them so that you see the calories that you should have burned with that workout.  They have everything from running to golfing to trimming bushes with garden shears.  Yes, seriously.  They don't have all names of specific workout programs, like Insanity, but I enter it in as "boot camp" since it's an intense cardio/strength training workout.

And, for those of you Iphone users, there's an app that you can put on your phone.  I haven't checked to see if they have the app on Android.

Have a good night!

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