Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bye, Bye Car :(

Well it's been a whirlwind the past few days.  As most of you probably know by now, I was in a car accident on Friday evening on my way home from work.  I drove literally 20mph the entire way home down the interstates and after watching two cars lose control on the ice I thought I had finally made it to safety when I got off of the highway.  I even called Jake just to let him know I was finally almost home and off of the interstate...and then I had to call him again three minutes later to let him know I had been in an accident.  I was less than 2 miles from home when a guy heading the opposite direction lost control and spun out across all 5 lanes, hitting me head-on.  It was like slow motion out of no where.  The airbag deployed, which  I had never seen happen before so I didn't realize that there is a lot of dust that comes out with it.  I saw the dust cloud and thought it was smoke so I grabbed my phone and got my door open and got out as quickly as I could, worrying that my car was on fire.  After calling Jake and 911 I went back to my car to try to turn it off because my horn was stuck on.  I was so surprised and in a daze that I didn't even think to put my car in park or turn it off when I got out.  What we found out later is that between the combination of the bent axle and my transmission laying on the ground, the car wasn't going anywhere anyway.  I was still in shock so I got my purse and turned off the car (still didn't think to put it in park, but it was so messed up it didn't even stop me from taking the key out like it usually would if it was in gear).

From Monday when we went to see it in daylight and get my belongings and tag.

It was so cold out so when the cops got there they let me sit in their truck while they were doing the police report and then the ambulance got there to take me to the hospital for some chest x-rays and treating the burn on my hand from the airbag deployment.   I had my seatbelt on, which truly saved me but it still caused a lot of pain from the restraint.  My chest was so sore and it hurt to even breathe, and all across my hips and stomach I was in pain from the seatbelt across my lap.  Those turned into some seriously nasty bruises that are currently a lovely shade of yellow/purple as they're healing.  Luckily the chest x-rays came back fine.  After about two hours we were on our way home.  Jake took such good care of me!  I love him so much.  He helped out all around the house so that I could rest all weekend.

Now we are dealing with all of the insurance settling which is a pain.  Apparently they were having trouble getting ahold of the guy who hit me which was causing issues with my rental car...after lots of headache that was finally figured out and we got my rental car.  Right after we picked it up we got a call from the car assessor that he was ready to inspect the damage to my car and he determined that it was definitely totaled (no surprise to us).  Hopefully all of that will get worked out this week and we will be buying a new car Saturday.  Sad because I loved my old car but also starting to get excited to get something new.

I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow, which I've never done before so I'm a little anxious.  I know that they can be really helpful, so I'm hoping that my neck and back will feel better with a little adjustment.

So, all very unexpected but hopefully within a week or so it will all be behind us, moving on to better things!


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