Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pizza Pockets [or I guess that's what I'm naming them...]

Easy. Quick. Delicious.

You can really adapt this into anything that you want.  This was one of my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants creations.  Or, shall I say, one of my crap-I-need-to-make-dinner-but-the-fridge-is-empty creations.  A bare fridge will force you to be creative.  And creative I am!

So, what could I find to throw together?  Pillsbury rolls [always a staple at our house], pepperoni slices, chicken breasts, half-empty jar of Marinara, endless supply of shredded cheeses, miscellaneous salad dressings, spices....and, walla! Pizza Pockets were born:


...Beginning to assemble the ingredients...

Cut up and cook your chicken.  You can honestly put anything you want in these bad boys, but my husband is a lover of chicken & pepperoni pizza, and I aim to please.

[One thing you may have learned about me as a cook by now is that I hate cooking on the stove top with oil.  I used to, and the popping of the grease freaked me out a little and it hurt when it would pop up and hit my arm.  Therefore, I pretty much solely use some flavor of salad dressing.  My favorites are Italian, Greek Vinaigrette, and Roasted Red Pepper Italian.  The spices add so much to flavor the raw meat as it cooks.  You have the oil base, but the other ingredients help it not to pop up.  Plus, you get added flavor.  Total win in my book.]  Just because I felt like it, this time I used Honey Mustard dressing for a little bit of sweetness to contrast the tang and spice of the pepperoni.
Back to the recipe....While your chicken [or sausage or ground beef or veggies] is sauteing, get out a Pirex or corningware dish, do a light coat of Pam cooking spray [I like the butter flavor] and put your Pillsbury Grands Biscuits in it to bake as directed.  Keep an eye on the biscuits, because you are going to want to pull them out of the oven about 3 minutes early.  Early enough that they are pretty cooked through but not yet golden. 
Then, use a fork or spook to break open the center of each biscuit.  Don't break it all the way through to the bottom, just like little bowls or pockets.  Fill them with pepperoni slices, a couple tablespoons of Marinara or pizza sauce if you have it, and once your chicken is ready add that in as well.  It's totally fine if they are overflowing a little bit with chicken. Cause everyone likes chicken. 
Also, add on your seasoning. In our house, we swear by Cavendar's Greek Seasoning, and is has the perfect blend of spices you would want on a pizza:
It's full of flavor and you can pick it up at Walmart for about $3. 
It's also a big canister so it lasts a long time.
 Lastly, cover it with shredded cheese [Mozzerella or Kraft's Pizza blend are our usuals] and bake for about another 3-5 minutes so that the cheese melts and the rolls become golden.  Then, take out and enjoy!  An easy 30 minute meal for a work night....or any other night that you feel like impressing your hubby or friends but don't really feel like putting effort into it!  Let's be honest, it happens.

I'd love to hear about it if you decide to try this recipe, and how you adapt it to suit your taste!

What to serve it with?  I keep a constant stock of Birdseye Steamer veggie bags in our freezer.  Really, any of them are good.  Usually broccoli or the roasted potatoes and green bean mix are my favorites.


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