Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The newest house project

Well, it's about that time again.  Our old, sad sliding door that leads from the kitchen to our backyard is worn out.  It's such a pain to try to slide and when the dogs are going in & out several times a day to use the bathroom it gets even more worn.  The wheel that moves the door is completely broken and the track is getting all scratched, dented, and just plain torn up.  When Jake opens the door he literally lifts it up out of the track to move it sideways and then sits it back down.  I'm not quite that strong so I just have to lean and pull a few times to get it open about 12" so that the dogs can pass through.  So clearly, time for a new door. 

We both like the look of french doors much better, and since the cost is only about $100 more than a new sliding door, we thought that would be the way to go.  It will also be nice if we are ever moving large furniture in or out of the house to be able to go out a 6' wide doorway instead of having to maneuver to our front door, because if you've ever been to our house our little "entryway" opens right to our coat closet so it's not a nice straight-out-the-door angle when you're moving big furniture.  Also, it will keep the boys from damaging my pretty kitchen countertop, because when we still had our old laminate countertops they were moving a sofa in through the garage door and chipped the laminate.  I wasn't worried about it at the time because I knew we wanted to redo the kitchen anyway, but if they messed up my granite I might have a heart attack.

Here's something similar to the door we're getting:

We're opting for no grid frames because Kona tends to use the door to stand up on and I just feel like that would be something for him to scratch and tear up.  Plus, we have a private backyard and I don't feel like we need them.

We are planning to do this project with the help of my Dad on Saturday.  I'll post some before & afters once it's done!


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