Thursday, May 1, 2014

Baby Item Reviews

Before Ryleigh was born, I posted about the items below being ones that we either bought or had on her registry.  I figured that I should update you all on our thoughts and opinions after using them over the past 11 weeks!  
1. The Fisher Price Rock & Play Sleeper worked perfectly for when Ryleigh was still sleeping in our room.  I originally wanted the Snugapuppy design because it's so cute, but when I went to the store to buy it they only had the My Little Lamb version.  Still really cute and gender neutral.  I'd say that I especially liked this for a winter baby, because the insert and head pillow are super soft and plush to keep little one warm at night :) I still use it as a place for her to lay in and rest while I get a shower, usually on the weekends because during the week I shower at night once she's in bed.
2.  Britax B-Agile and B-Safe travel system works great for us! The carseat is very safe and secure, and everything is just really easy to use.  Easy to fold, unfold, click in place, etc.  At first Ryleigh hated being put in the carseat, but now she tolerates it.  I think sometimes she even likes it because she's interested to see where we're going.  The stroller is so easy to use and rides very well.  Highly recommend!
3.  Ryleigh LOVES her Fisher-Price Kick N Play Piano gym.  She will wail her arms around and talk to herself in the mirror.  Not to mention she kicks the heck out of the piano keys.  I don't know if she even realizes that the kicking is what makes the music play, since it's non-stop from the time you lay her down.
4. Fisher-Price Monkey Bouncer has been a necessity so far.  When we are not feeding or cuddling with her, she's usually found in this thing.  It's still one of the only bouncers that I've seen that has an activity bar that actually lights up and provides interest and stimulation.  It's very comfortable for her to sit in and nap in, and the activity bar can detach for when she just wants to hang out instead of play.  She loves to sit in this and talk to the blue ladybug.  Simple pleasures :)
5.  I am really liking my Built Go-Go Diaper Tote.  I'm amazed at everything that I can fit into this thing.  It's a great size and has tons of pockets on the inside as well as the outside.
6.  Motorola Video Monitor.  Must have.  Ours works great so far, was extremely easy to set up, and I can't imagine not having the video aspect.  It's so helpful when she fusses, cries, coughs, etc. to be able to see her and know if she's ok or if I need to go check on her.  Especially as she grows and starts rolling over, I know we will love having this monitor even more than we already do.
7.  Graco Playard with Newborn Napper/Changer We haven't really used this all that much yet, but we have it set up in our living room.  Ryleigh has slept a little bit in the newborn napper, but it's only been for tiny little cat naps while I wash dishes or something like that.  I will say that this was the most difficult item to put together, and I don't think it would be the best option for a pack & play that you were going to be travelling with a lot.  But, for what we will use it for, I think we will really like it.
8.  Graco Sweet Slumber sound machine has been great so far! We leave its nightlight function on all night long and leave the instrumental/classical music playing.  Ryleigh seems very soothed by it, and it's not bad for us to hear either since it comes through the sound on the monitor!
9.  I'm a huge fan of Boon products--the quality, colors, clean lines...With me exclusively pumping, this Boon Orb bottle warmer has been vital.  Extremely easy to use and works quickly.  It works amazingly for Medela 4oz bottles and works well for Avent 9oz bottles.  I haven't been able to get it to heat Dr. Brown's bottles correctly yet.  I' m looking forward to using it for baby food also once Ryleigh is older. 
10.  Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad.  Not a whole lot to say here, but it's a necessity and I like the design of this one. 
Overall, I have been really happy with everything we've chosen.  I can't even explain how happy it makes me to see how much Ryleigh enjoys some of these as well. 
Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently lately...we've just been busy enjoying our new little family, and transitioning into our new "normal" with work and daycare schedules. 
Have a great weekend :)

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