Friday, May 16, 2014

3 Months

[We don't have a doctor's appointment this month, so we had to approximate at home]

Weight:  around 14lbs
Height:  I'm guessing around 25 inches? she's getting long!

No huge changes here...I'm still making 4oz bottles, although for "daytime" bottles [ones that I know she will eat between 10am-7pm] I have been making them sometimes with a little more, around 4.5 or 5oz.  She eats about every 2 1/2 hours, which I think has gotten a little more frequent since she's sleeping and doesn't eat over night.  She usually will want almost 2 full bottles in a row sometime between 6-8pm, probably because she's gearing up for that long night!  Right before bed, around 10pm, she will drink 3oz.  It's rare that she will drink all 4oz before bed because she gets sleepy by the end of the bottle.  Pumping at work has been going well so we are still doing only breastmilk.  I have to admit that I feel life would be so much simpler if we switched to formula.  I wouldn't be the slave to a strict 3hr pumping schedule.  I wouldn't have to miss out on things because I have to pump in the middle of visiting with friends and family.  There would be no more engorgement pain or burning let-downs.  I wouldn't get frustrated because I'm trying to pump while home by myself with Ryleigh and she starts to cry but I can't pick her up.  There would be no more washing of a million pump parts.  Feeling more productive at work because I don't have to take pumping breaks.  It would just be so much easier.  BUT, I just try to tell myself to take it one month at a time.  That way, when that month is done, I can push myself to go one more month.  Then one more month again.  Plus, I always remember once I do stop pumping I will have all my frozen milk to use before switching to formula.  I just do not want to stop pumping for selfish reasons.  I want to feel good and satisfied and accomplished.  Not just quit for convenience.  Right now, I just feel like Ryleigh is too young to switch and I don't feel done yet.  I don't think I will feel that way until at least 6 months.  I know that it's such a sensitive subject and different for every mom, but this is just what I feel is best for us and for Ryleigh.

A new category! The struggle is real.  We'll keep you posted.  For now--lots of drool, hand chewing, Tylenol, and teethers..Can't wait for Ryleigh's Hazelaid necklace to arrive!


...through the night!! Whoop whoop!  Ryleigh started sleeping through the night the day that she turned 10 weeks old.  We have only had 2 or 3 nights since then where she woke up around 4 or 4:30.  She typically goes to bed in her crib around 10-10:30pm and will sleep until 6-7am.  We are still using and loving our sleep sacks.  I've noticed that she sleeps better with one on.  She also seems to be getting more into a schedule for naps during the day, although that's not perfect yet.

Always!  She seems to have found a way to dig her heels into the ground and scoot her little booty up/backwards to move.  It's funny on her play mat or the sofa.  Not funny on the changing pad. 
How did I get myself sideways, Dad?

Pampers are still a favorite for us, but now that she's got some plump to those thighs she's been able to wear other brands too.  We also like the Luvs Extra Absorbant and Honest Company. 

We're a little all over the place with sizes.  She's officially grown out of all her newborn clothes, but still fits into pretty much all of her 0-3 month clothes.  We have moved her up to 3-6 month footed sleepers, just to have the extra length. I'm also starting to mix in some 3-6 onesies and leggings but they're still pretty baggy on her.

--1st dip into the her toes wet and unfortunately her booty from a wave
--1st sunglasses...and boy are they cute!
--Thumb sucking.  It's the best, most adorable thing ever!  Picture of that coming soon :)

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