Wednesday, July 23, 2014


How is my baby 5 months old?! I guess it's true what they say about women forgetting about the pain and intensity of labor, because it seems like February was yesterday but forever ago all at the same time.  On one of mine and Ryleigh's first outings to Target when she was a few weeks old, we saw a couple and their little girl in the baby clothing section, and they were  looking at Ryleigh saying "aww she's so little, they grow so fast...our daughter is 5 months now, I miss her being that small!"  And now, that's me.  Looking at new babies, even ones that were born bigger than Ryleigh, I just can't believe she was ever that little.  She's such a long string bean now, and she's starting to give my arms a good work-out carrying her around.  Her long legs hang off of my lap now when I'm rocking her or feeding her a bottle.  It's crazy how quickly babies change!

[no doctor's appt this month so we're guestimating at home]

Weight: around 16lbs
Height: somewhere near 26-27"

Slowly transitioning to 5.5-6oz bottles.  We had her on 5oz bottles but she seems to be ending them still a little bit hungry.  She is eating about 30-35oz a day. I'm pumping in the ballpark of 40oz a day, and I notice that if I ever have a day where it's on the low side, eating a cheeseburger is like magic to boost my supply.   

Ryleigh has now tried squash, carrots, peas and green beans, and still loves her sweet potatoes!  She loves them all. I'm convinced that if it's served on a spoon she really doesn't care what it is.  She does seem a little bit happier about the orange veggies though.  She's eating the entire 2oz container, and could always eat more when it's finished.  My little piglet.   

Still nothing poking through, but her drooling and fussiness have steadily increased so I know that it's just a matter of time.

Baby girl is a wonderful night.  She has the fun habit of fighting naps during the day.  She takes one 2 hour-ish nap, then tends to take about five 20-40 min naps.

Always!  Her little legs never stop moving. She is a master at rolling all around and flips over almost as soon as you lay her down.  She has also discovered Kona this month!  Baby girl loves her fluffy white dog.  She is starting to have a small interest in Reece, but the second Kona is within view she is smiling at him and reaching out for him.  Her jumperoo is one of her absolute favorite things!

Size 2!

She's mostly 3-6 month sizes, but she's getting so long that some of them are getting a little snug.  Jake put a 6-9 month onesie on her by accident the other day, and I was surprised that it actually wasn't all that big on her.  We will probably move her up a little early to 6-9month size just for added room.

--1st real belly laughs...this is absolutely adorable!  She will laugh so much she gives herself hiccups :( It's the cutest and saddest thing ever.
--Really good rolling.
--1st Camo outfit (totally noteworthy...)
--1st time in a big pool! She likes water and splashing her feet, but hates sitting in a wet diaper or swim diaper.

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