Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy August! Happy Football Season!

Can we take a minute to freak out and wonder where this year has gone?
It's August. Whoa.
 I almost have a 6 month old. 

But, it's August! Yay! 
Because I know that August is still technically summer, but for me it signals the beginning of fall.

& Fall means Football season!

Some of our friends got us cute Georgia outfits for Ryleigh at our baby shower, and she's sadly starting to outgrow them!  She's a little too small to fit into her Georgia cheerleader outfit, so I found this cute onesie set through Target online:

I can't wait for them to arrive!  We've already started sizing up to 6-9 month onesies for a little extra length [baby girl's a stringbean!] so I'm hoping these last her through October/November when long sleeves will be needed anyway. 
Talk of the Tailgate Collection Baby Toddler Headwrap
The red ones will pair pretty adorably with the UGA headbow I made her
[also available in my Etsy shop!]

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