Sunday, September 25, 2011

Decor Fun

Here are some updates for the holiday decorations at our house:

Fall tablescape in our Dining Room

The close-up...The ivory candle holders are from our wedding reception, and the rest I found for $6 or less on sale at Hobby Lobby :)

Decoration on our stair rail, not quite finished with it yet. It needs some more accents.

Halloween Decorations

On another note, we had a scary night tonight. Reece started having a seizure while playing with Kona earlier, so we rushed him to the emergency vet. On the way there, he had another seizure in the car. It was so scary, he was so afraid and he was shaking, his muscles tensing up and convulsing. After the second seizure he pretty much went back to normal. He was wagging his tail, acting energetic like nothing ever happened. We still had him examined and the verdict is 97% sure it's Epilepsy. The doctor said he could start having seizures once a month, or may never have another one again. She said it's nothing to worry about until it's once a month and he would need medication. I think Kona was more affected by it than Reece was. He was so upset, not to mention the usual separation anxiety. While it was happening he kept trying to kiss Reece, and wouldn't leave his side once we got back home. Now he is passed out on the floor in the man cave, all the worrying took a lot out of him.

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