Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I always love a great deal!!

...And today's was great!!

One of my friends is getting married this summer and she told me about how Belk sends out exclusive coupon emails to people who sign up for it on the Belk website.  She got a great deal back in December on the rest of her holiday fine china.  I signed up to get the emails in January and whenever they send a coupon I always check the website to see if there are any sales going on, because it is always better to combine a coupon with an existing sale!  Well, today there was. 

We got 4 place settings of our fine china as wedding gifts last year, and I hope to eventually have at least 8 place settings.  My pattern is English Lace from Wedgewood, which I absolutely fell in love with when I saw it...

I love how it is more relief monochromatic with just the detail of the silver edge.  It is so intricate and beautiful.  Classic.  My mom's fine china from when my parent's got married was colorful and she told me that it's always better to go neutral because you can pair it with anything and it never goes out of style.  I definitely agree.  I also use this china as our holiday china because right now, the holidays are pretty much the only occasions we use these dishes for!  It looks beautiful with a Christmas tablescape, too. 

So, about the deal I got...The email code was for an additional 20% off, including sale prices.  I looked and the 5 piece place settings were on sale for $65 off the usual price.  With the additional 20%, I got a total of $84 off each place setting, so I decided to order two.  They also had a special offer for most of their china that when you buy a 5 piece place setting, you get something for free.  For my pattern, you got the rimmed soup bowl for free, so I also got two of those.  The last part of the deal was that since it was over $99, there is free standard shipping from the Belk website.  Therefore:

Total before promotions and discounts:  $556.40 w/free shipping
Total Paid (including sale and promo):  $218.14 w/free shipping

Love, Love, Love it!!!



  1. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That was a deal chick. I got a very similar type of fine china. I have been adding to my collection. We got everyday china that was literally 10 dollars cheaper then our fine, haha, yes I know! lol so it has taken me awhile to get a lot of both sets. I have 8 of our everyday and 7 of our fine. I may have to try to do this!

    1. Yeah I definitely would! It seems that they do the best deals around holidays so sign up and keep an eye out! They also do good sales for baby stuff (I've noticed for gifts I've bought in the past) and the promo codes make those awesome deals too.


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