Thursday, July 12, 2012

Summer Schedule

I feel like our Summer schedule has been crazy.  We have so much going on, it feels like every weekend.  This past weekend was so much fun, visiting with friends who were in town for a friend's bachelor party.  On Saturday it was the first time in I could not tell you how long that Jake and I got to just sleep in and be lazy on a Saturday morning.  Even the pups were tired and lounging, they didn't even beg to go outside.  I finally woke up and got out of bed to make some breakfast (scrambled eggs) that I brought back upstairs so we could eat in bed while we watched This Means War with Reese Witherspoon.  Very cute movie.  Jake totally called the ending--I thought it might be a little bit different.  Around 2:00 Melissa & Amit got into town, we dropped them off to do all of their Bachelor party festivities and Melissa and I got to spend the day shopping and a dinner at Enso.  Enso was amazing as always--best sushi in Charlotte in my opinion.  Also a very cool atmosphere.

This weekend we have our friends' wedding, which makes it a little mini-reunion with our college friends so I always love those occasions.  I'm hoping for some pool time and hopefully a trip to the driving range on Sunday since I haven't been out there in a few weeks.

Then for the next two weekends I have baby showers & 1st birthday parties on the Saturday's...I guess that is what life is like when you're our age!  I just got one of the baby shower gifts I ordered in the mail yesterday and it is so precious!!  Even cuter than the picture :)

Also, today I mailed in my entry for the Arts Council's juried competition...we will see if I get selected to be a part of it.  You mail them a cd with the image of your artwork and then they narrow it down to the ones who will be on display and a part of the contest.  I forget the exact day when you find out if you're chosen but I'll update once I find out!

Small Accomplishment:  Last night I did my Insanity workouts (yes plural, it was also an ab video day)...and I kept up with Tonya!!! For any of you who have done Insanity, you know what I mean! haha  I've also decided that on some days, probably my "Cardio Recovery" days, I am going to start running a mile as well.  The loop around the middle of our neighborhood is exactly a mile.  It's a nice little scenic run with some hills so it's a good workout.  I figure that since I'm running the Color Run this November I should mix in a little bit of that too, even though part of the Insanity warm-up is jogging/sprinting in place.

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