Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Project Updates

Here is an update on the first project I worked on before this past weekend. Jake's cousin, Lauren, is having a little girl who should be making her appearance into the world in about a week or so! As part of her baby shower gift, I made this to go in her nursery,which they are decorating in black & baby pink...

The quote says "Sent with love from the Lord above"

Jennings is going to be her middle name.

Then, for the second project I made some classroom artwork for my friend Kelsey.  Her school chose an "Under the Sea" theme for the coming school year so she is doing lots of nautical decorations...

The color in this one is kind of off...It's in a distressed wood frame.

I think my next couple of projects are going to be more with organizing.  I love our huge closet in the 4th bedroom/"man cave" because we can fit a ton it in and it doubles as my linen closet since we don't have one.  However, between sheets and gift wrap and a bunch of Jake's stuff it gets cluttered.  I found an idea on an organizing blog for the gift wrap, and then I have some ideas of my own for the linens.  Once I get around to doing those, I'll post some pictures!

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