Monday, November 26, 2012

Holiday Season

Sooo we were a bit busy over weekend.  Looks like the Thankful list will be continued this week until the end of the month....

12.  Our home, and how blessed we were to be able to make this big purchase on our own.  I can't believe it's already been two years almost!

13.  Our vehicles, especially my car.  Being the youngest in my family I was always the one who got my brother's old car or my dad's old car.  Now, I know it is a blessing in itself that I was given those vehicles since I know that there are many others who are not that lucky or who's parents made them save up to pay for their first car.  However, there is something special about being able to save up my big girl money and buy my first shiny new car with exactly the finishes and features that I wanted.  And, after 9 years I'm finally driving something other than a white SUV!!

14.  Alpha Delta Pi.  Six years ago I had no idea the lasting impact that organization and women would have on my life.  I'm no longer a collegiate member and often times in my daily routine I don't really take the time to reflect on it.  I put on my crest ring every morning, and I'll think of my sisters and what they're doing with their lives now when I get phone calls, texts, or see updates on facebook.  What's amazing about it is when it pops up in unexpected places.  I couldn't even count the times that I've been at business meetings or networking events and find out that another woman there is an alum as well.

15.  Pinterest, for making me seem like such a fantastic and creative cook and hostess.  Also, thanks Pinterest for making private boards so that I can keep my bouts of baby fever to myself! haha

...In other news, I've been decking the halls here for the holidays and I've been inspired to do some organizing of our bookshelves in the living room.  Hopefully pictures to come soon of the holiday decor, etc!

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