Friday, November 30, 2012

Back to December...

Yes, that was a T.Swift reference!

DECEMBER, can you believe it?! Where has the time gone?  This year has seriously flown by.  I am excited for the holidays and for everything that we have to look forward to next year, but is this really how time moves when you're an adult?  I've always heard people say that the older you are the quicker time goes, but if this is the rate it's moving at in my twenties then I have no idea how it will speed up!

Looking forward to going here tomorrow morning with my Momma!  A Christmas tradition that we have had for the past few years and one that I'm very happy to continue :)

and after that....

Let's just say that there will be a pretty intense viewing of this at our house tomorrow at 4pm...Stop by for some entertainment and yummy food!
alabama vs georgia notre dame
Davis Jaye, the creator of this cartoon, had these words to say:

“I think that, right now, expecting a non-SEC team to win the National Championship is like expecting the sun to start rising somewhere other than the East. It’s probably not going to happen.”
“The SEC teams want to kill each other during the regular season, but when it comes to Bowl Games, they rally around each other like no other conference.”
Go Dawgs! 

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