Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last Night's Favorites

Last nights favorites, and not-so-favorites...If you don't watch The Voice you will probably just want to skip over this post!

Let me just say, the show did not disappoint! Although Usher and Shakira are supposedly only filling in this season for Christina Aguilera and Cee-Lo, I'm really liking the change.  Now, I've always been a Christina fan when it comes to her voice--she's undeniably talented.  Her personality and odd antics are another story, but I still like her on the show.  I forgot how sort of odd Shakira's singing voice is, but she rocked the harmonica and she seems to have such a sweet, humble personality so I'm really interested to see how she is as a coach/mentor for the contestants.  I think a lot of the contestants pick their coach based upon who the grew up listening to or who they think can help them get into the market, and I'm not sure if Shakira would fall into either of those categories as much as the other three coaches do.  As for Usher, I'm glad that somebody finally listened to me and got him on the show! But really, all jokes aside, I've said from the very beginning that Usher should have been a coach instead of Cee-Lo.  I know that Cee-Lo has his fan base and he's had hit records, but I'm just not into his style. 

So, back to the contestants...My favorites of the night:

Judith Hill * Team Adam

Mark Andrew * Team Shakira

 One that I thought the coaches missed was Leah Lewis...I think she is really talented, just made a really bad song choice:
And my not-so-favorites of the night...Hands down Vedo [Team Usher] and Christian Porter [Team Blake].  To me, Vedo had absolutely nothing special about him. It didn't even seem like Usher wanted him, but he just felt pressure from the other coaches and the fact that it was a Justin Beiber song from a guy who clearly probably idolized Usher.    Christian Porter was okay, but what I don't like about him is that he copied Noah Guthrie and then took credit for the unique arrangement of Sexy and I Know It.  Don't know what I'm talking about? Watch Noah's version here: 
Noah is awesome and his version blows the sad copy attempt by Christian out of the water.  Christian took credit on stage for the arrangment and then later went on Twitter and thanked Noah for the "inspiration". 
Who were your favorite picks?

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