Sunday, May 5, 2013

Margarita Por Favor!

Probably my 4th favorite holiday [behind Christmas, New Year's, and July 4th]...So of course we had to celebrate in our typical style--a big fiesta with friends at our local Charanda's.  The Corona and margarita specials did not disappoint! 
We had a lot of fun on Saturday night too...Went on an improptu double date to the Epicentre--it was neat to see it since they've redone some things.
Studio Movie Grill is the new name for the movie theater [used to be Mez].  They have renovated the theater rooms and re-vamped the menu. It's awesome!...but pricey, so I suggest snatching up the Groupon that makes it only $5/ticket right now :)

We saw 42, the Jackie Robinson story.  Great movie, it's definitely going to be one that wins at all the award shows this year.

Hope you had a great weekend too!  Can we "cheers" to all of the sunshine on the forecast this week?!  Let's hope it's here to stay.


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