Friday, May 17, 2013

Sneak Peek

If you have been to our house, you know that a lot of the photos/artwork revolve around our wedding.  Well, as we approach our 2nd anniversary [holy cow, that's gone fast!] and our vacation, I had the thought to start a fun collage wall upstairs that would be a unique reminder of celebrating us.  Not just our wedding day, but the fun experiences we have had since that day.  Mostly trips that we have taken and memories from them.  I was inspired by things like this:

City Heart Map
City, State Print
and then one day browsing online, I found this:
Vinyl Wall Quote
Can we take a minute to recognize what a great deal this was?!  The font of mine was a little different.
That quote just really stuck with me.  Maybe it's because of moving around while growing up, or maybe it's because of the unexpected tracks that Jake's and my life took individually before we met, or maybe it's my love of travelling.  But whatever it is, I love feeling I get and the message of it every time I read it.  So, from there, the idea was born.  It's not done yet, but here's your sneak peek...

On the long wall upstairs

5x7 size, Wedding outfits, rings, and Flowers

7x5 size, Smoky mountains, Cabin, and Moonshine [of course]

I still need to get frames.  The wall quote is black lettering, so I'm thinking something dark brown/black.  I want the frames low profile and simple so that the color of the drawings stands out.  I have more to do [Phoenix/Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Athens GA], but I think it will be really neat to start filling up the wall.  It's something we will continually add to as we go on vacations each  year. 

Hopefully we will get them up on the walls soon.  I'll share updated pictures once we do :)


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