Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What We're Loving Wednesday | Baby Bath time

Our baby is growing and getting so big!  It's amazing seeing her next to younger babies because she seems like a giant instead of my cuddly little monkey. 

One of the other reasons we know she is growing is because she has officially out-grown the baby sling for her bathtub.  It's one of those "grow with me" tubs that changes for different stages [highly recommend this bathtub, it's awesome!].  She is loving being able to play kick the water.  She splashes all over the place but it's too cute and funny to watch.  We have a video but since she's nakey that will just be saved for her wedding rehearsal dinner or some other blackmail down the road... ;)

I thought we would share some of our bath time favorites...

Remember this turtle thermometer?  Well apparently his name is Trevor and he's pretty awesome.  Hello, how easy to use! Take out of box, toss in the water.  He turns on and starts monitoring automatically.  When I give Ryleigh her bath it's usually putting her tub up on the vanity counter.  When Jake gives Ryleigh her bath, it's both of them in our master garden tub and since she likes water we fill the tub up to where it's mid-belly height on her when she's seated.  Jake of course still has to hold her and support her and I kneel right outside the tub, but we also use Trevor to monitor the bath water in the big tub. 
We still use the bath sponge/comb thing that the hospital gave us to use for her baths, and we like the Aveeno Baby wash and Daily Moisture Lotion for during and after her baths.  Wrapped up afterwards in these cute hooded towels.  We only have one set of hooded towels and since she gets her bath every other day, one set works just fine.
We have some other bath toys but haven't introduced them yet.  Once she can sit up on her own I'm sure those will be favorites too.  For now, we stick to kicking & splashing :)

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