Friday, February 8, 2013


Accessorizing for my car...which I guess you could say is accessorizing for me.  With what?  This little beauty:

Car Organizer from The MacBeth Collection

My new car has an amazingly large amount of trunk space, much different from my old car.  I went out the other day and got a huge $175 load of groceries [Note to self: get back into couponing!] and was shocked that once I loaded all of my new junk items into the trunk there was actually tons of extra space!  It was a different experience than having to overflow into the back seat of the car like before.  So, I found a great deal on this wonderful trunk organizer that should fit quite well to help keep groceries from sliding all around.  Also, I love that it will match my new tan interior and is a fun print :) yay!

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