Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wardrobe Woes

Trying to plan clothing when you have no idea what size you will be post-baby is not much fun.  Trying to find things that will be nursing-friendly and can also double as a "normal" wardrobe item can also be tricky.  I absolutely loathe spending money on maternity/nursing clothing when it is so temporary and most of the time not cheap.  I've had a little bit of success through sales at Destination Maternity, especially when combined with some gift cards that I received for my birthday back in October.  Good staples --like maternity jeans, tank tops, leggings, and t-shirts--can be found at Ross for really great prices but the selection of color and style is very limited.  I've found a few things on Zulily, where the only down-side is wait time for the order to ship.  Most items that I have ordered from Zulily have arrived within about 3 weeks, but I placed an order almost a month ago for a maternity dress that I had intended to wear to my baby shower and it still has yet to ship.  Maybe I'll find something else to wear that dress to? Otherwise, I guess it will be stored for a few years until baby#2 comes around.  

Here are some Zulily purchases that I recently made, and at $15/per item I'm pretty happy with it!

These are all regular women's clothing items that seem very postpartum & nursing friendly.  They are also ones that I can wear to work or dress down.   I'm also loving all of the fun pastel colors for spring :)

One other clothing item that is very important for winter pregnancy is a good maternity jacket!  The prices on those can get out-of-control expensive, but I highly recommend this MAMA Parka from H&M maternity!  It is nice enough that it's appropriate for work environments or a nice evening out, but also fitting for a casual day running errands.  The material is also thick enough where it's a great 3-season jacket for the weather in SC.  I have it in black, but it also comes in a nice beige color right now.  Last fall they also carried it in olive green, so I'm guessing they may switch out the 2nd color offering seasonally....

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