Sunday, April 3, 2011

Change of Plans

Well, my plans for the weekend did not go quite as I had planned. We were not able to do any landscaping because we realized Saturday morning that our neighborhood Architectural Review committee requires landscaping to be approved first. We are not changing around any of the landscaping beds, just the plants, but we did not want to chance it in case it would still need to be approved. Plus, my dad had some minor surgery this past week so he would not have been able to help with any digging or carrying plants, so it seemed like the best option was to wait a few weeks. We did get the new plants and layouts figured out though, so it will be ready for a weekend in May when we can get it done.

We were very productive this weekend though! We got the ribbon tied on all of the wedding invitations and got the address labels and maps printed. Now, everything is ready and my mom is going to stuff the envelopes and mail everything out this week :) There are still a handful of addresses I need to get from Jake but other than that we are good to go. It's another thing to check off of the list, which feels great!

Jake and I went to church this morning and each week we feel more and more at home there. When we figured out where we were buying a home we looked around for Presbyterian churches nearby and found this one, and three weeks ago we started trying it. After the first weekend we knew that we both really liked it. It is a smaller church and you can tell that the members are a very close church family. There are various age groups, and we are one of the youngest couples there, but we felt so at home and welcomed. We also went to a Bible study for the "young adult" age group on Tuesday night. It was the first night that they started up a Bible study for our age group, but I think that it has a lot of potential and opportunity. We are going to meet every two weeks, so our next gathering is April 12th.

I finally got ink for my printer so I can start to really get into couponing. Hopefully now that I can print the online coupons we will start to have some more extreme savings! I was a little bit disappointed with the sales this week, since it wasn't really anything that we needed. I did go to Harris Teeter tonight for a couple of things, though:

(2) Tostitos Restaurant Style Salsa
Soft Tortilla Shells
Swedish Fish Easter Candy (donation for our church Easter egg hunt)
(2) Kleenex Ultra Tissue
Klondike Originals
Klondike Reeses

Total before Savings/Coupons: $27.83
Total Paid: $15.00

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