Friday, April 29, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy lately, I have not had any time to get on here! As an update, our Easter plans were a success! For the most part anyway...we were a little bummed we did not get to go to the sunrise service at church on Easter. We had planned to, and set our alarms, but when we woke up it looked like it was going to rain, I couldn't find the doplar radar channel because Comporium changed all the numbers around on us, and the pups were up playing and being loud all night so we did not get good sleep. With the combination of all of that, we decided we probably needed that extra hour and a half of sleep. After the regular Easter service, our waffle brunch was a very good success and I think it would be fun to continue that tradition. Later in the day we had a really nice time at Sam & Teri's at the big kid Easter egg hunt (Jake and I got about $23 dollars combined--going into the Honeymoon fund! haha), dinner, and getting to meet little Brody Scott Munsey for the first time :o)

Aside from that, wedding plans are coming along nicely! I ordered our cake topper today which I am so excited about! I really like plain wedding cakes so ours is pretty simple, but I wanted a really fun topper for it. I saw the final design and it has exceeded my expectations...and with me being an artist and perfectionist that really says something! My Bridal shower invitations and our Rehearsal Dinner invitations have come in and turned out very cute. We are starting our premarital counseling this weekend, and hopefully going to get to see/hang out/rehearse with our wedding singers on Sunday. It will be so good to see them and I am also very excited to hear them together!

On another note--the new Charandas has opened up and Jake and I are probably a little too excited about that. We were there opening day for dinner. Yes, obsessed. The design of it is so cute, and has some more character than the other one. Loren was also up here visiting and got to go with us. I'm so happy that I have gotten to see some of my girls lately, I miss them all so much!

I have had no time for couponing lately but hopefully I will have some time soon.

Time for bed! April and Jeremy's wedding is tomorrow and I am so excited for them!


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