Friday, August 9, 2013

Telling our Parents :)

We wanted to think of a good way to share the baby news with our parents.  Just like with how I told Jake, I wanted it to be in a way that they had some tangible memento to hang onto.  So, although it was earlier than we had thought we wanted to tell them, we decided to share on Father's Day. 

As most newly-weds can probably attest to, once you hit that 1st anniversary, you start getting the baby questions.  And then as the 2nd anniversary starts approaching, you start getting the baby pressuring and accusations.  I felt the eager eyes at every holiday or people wondering "Are they going to tell us they're pregnant?"...All the while, none of these people actually knew that Jake and I have talked about children and when we planned to start trying all along.  Our original plans got pushed back a few months because of my car accident, healing, and chiropractic visits that followed it.  If you would ask, Jake's standard response would be "Nah, we're going to wait about 5 years" or something along those lines.  We just didn't want the pressure.  You never know how long getting pregnant might take, so we felt like admitting or announcing that we were trying was like setting a timer and people would constantly ask about it.

So, with that said, a random "Let's get together" would cause too much suspicion.  We decided that Father's Day was the best time because we could get cards that said "grandpa" to reveal the big surprise.  We gave them to each of our dad's at their Father's Day dinners, and it worked like a charm!  Mark played it cool, grinned at us and passed the card to Jake's mom.  She didn't understand at first since Mark has other grand children so she thought we were just trying to be thoughtful.  Then, once she got to the inside of the card she saw our note at the bottom about Baby Walden and on came the water works!  We got a similar reaction out of my parents.  My dad read the front of the card, and when he opened it to read the inside my mom got  a glance at the front where it said "To the best FATHER and GRANDPA...".  Her jaw dropped, tears started falling and lots of smiles.  It was perfect, and I love that they all have those cards to look back at and cherish.

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