Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Little Friend

Last night, after the rain storm, I was letting Reece and Kona out one last time before bed and a cute little tree frog was stuck to the sliding door right about eye level! I think he was a tree frog anyway, he was about 2.5" tall and brown. I said a prayer for the little guy before I opened the door because if he got scared from the door moving and jumped off, I think Kona would have tried to have a bit too much fun with him. Luckily, he hung on tight and stayed there. Well, this morning he wasn't there anymore, and when I closed the door after letting the dogs out the blinds moved. I freak out a little bit because of course I am thinking some huge bug has gotten inside. Well you guessed it, my little tree frog was sitting at the door and jumped inside when I opened it. I did a creative maneuver with a plastic bag to get him back outside to freedom, and I am hoping he finds a safe place to live before Kona finds him.

On another note, I got the deal of the century at Michael's on Sunday. I needed a large canvas for our dining room painting, and had a 40%off coupon that started Sunday so I was waiting patiently all weekend to be able to use it. Well, my mom and I went and the gallery wrap canvases (the 1.5" wrap) were just marked 50% off! I ended up getting my large canvas and some more for our bedroom since I also had a 15%off total purchase coupon. Total, I got $210 worth of canvases 65%off, used a $25 Visa gift card wedding present, and ended up paying $45. It was wonderful :)

I am very much looking forward to the holiday weekend and all of its fun festivities! I still have to work on Saturday, but I'm hoping to maybe get to leave early and get in some pool time!

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  1. I've been wanting to buy a big canvas for a project since I moved! You're right, they are SUPER pricey!! Hope your project turns out well! =)


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