Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun in the Sun

...we have a lot of that planned for the weekend!  But, first--my Insanity update:

Four days of Insanity down, and lots more to go!  This only shows the first month of the two month program.  Don't let yesterday's workout fool you--"Recovery" only means that all of the reps are done very slowly--which anyone who's ever done weight training can tell you that the slow, repeated reps hurt just as much as the fast, maxed out reps.  My quads were burning for about 4 hours last night...but that's what I call success :)  Also, the fact that I'm only four days in and a pair of shorts that I could barely button a month ago fit pretty darn well last night!

So, back to the weekend plans...

Tonight w/Jeremy & April...not sure what we are going to watch but it should be lots of fun!
Jake has a softball tournament tomorrow in York
My friend Karen is having a Luau tomorrow night which I'm super excited about!
Hopefully some driving range action on Sunday after church
Going to check out a new store in Charlotte on Sunday-pretty excited!

I'm also getting an oil change, grocery shopping, and of course some Insanity workouts, but those don't get a fun picture...

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