Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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How fun is this?  I came across ImageChef on a friend's blog and thought it was so fun!  It's completely free and you can customize shapes and colors.  You type in whatever words or numbers you want on there.  I can see this being something really cute to put all of a baby's birth information on and have it scrambled to hang up in a nursery.

Golf Update:
Sunday at the driving range went very well (for the most part)...I went to a range in Fort Mill with Karen, Shanti, Derrick, and Reina--who has her own very adorable fleece golf bag complete with driver and putter, haha.  I finally figured out my stance and how I need to set up with the ball for my irons and woods.  There wasn't a chipping or putting green so that will still take some practice.  I was feeling really good about my hitting though.  I'm between 100-160yds from my 9 iron up to my driver.   I'm happy with that, but I think it will continue to get better as I practice and get those muscles back.  I was hitting straight for the majority of them, but I have a tendency to hook to the left (I golf right-handed although I'm a lefty).  I also bought a new Callaway Big Bertha driver that was on a VERY good sale at Dick's Sporting Goods (which has a MUCH better selection than our Academy for golf), along with some new balls, high tees, golf glove, and hat. I thought that my golf bag was still in good condition, but Karen realized as we were loading our bags back into my car that the bottom of my bag is about to fall completely off.  Looks like I will be in the market for a good, cheap bag soon so I will keep you updated!

We had a great night for our anniversary on Monday.  We met after work at Outback for dinner, which is always good although we don't typically go there.  We had a gift card for it from Christmas so I figured we would put it to good use!  My hubby got me some beautiful roses

After that we went to go see this movie:

what to expect when youre expecting movie poster 03
which was hilarious!  It was funny how they connected it to what is popular right now, with everything from TV shows to baby names.  There were some interesting baby names in the movie--Henry, Emerson, Theo, and I can't remember the others. I am all for going with names that are not too common, but I wasn't a fan of any of those.  I don't really like the trend of naming girls a boy name at all. And before you get ahead of yourselves, NO we are not expecting and don't plan to be for a while.  However, like probably every other couple we still like to joke and "plan" our future kids' names.  

I also realized today that we forgot to eat our wedding cake so we will have to do that tonight and I'll let you know if it actually still tastes good!

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