Thursday, June 14, 2012

Moment of Insanity



I should probably stop watching infomercials...first, I was convinced into purchasing Bare Minerals back in October, and then today I was convinced into getting the Insanity workout package.  I'm hoping that I am as happy with this as the make up! Haha

I actually think I could really like the way this system is set up.  As an athlete all through my childhood and high school years, my workouts were my coaches telling me what to do and what to do next, for how long, faster, slower, etc.  My biggest struggle since then has been to find motivation during work outs and ways to hold myself accountable.  The way the dvds are set up will give me a schedule and certain tasks to complete each workout.  I am apprehensive but excited! Beauty is pain, right?  I really want to build muscle back and get more tone.  I still wear the same size clothing I did all through high school and college, which I suppose is an accomplishment because as I freakishly realized today I started high school exactly TEN years ago (holycrapimgettingold!).  However, I don't have all of that perfect muscle tone that my high school body had.  Lets hope this works, I like it and want to stick with it! At the very least I see it as an investment for a few years from now when I need to work off baby weight!

Info for anyone interested:  it's a little pricey, $120 for the set, but I have been getting really awesome feedback from everyone I know who has used it.  I'll post some updates once I start and let you know my experience first hand!

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