Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bump, Bump

Well, I guess I officially have a recognizable baby bump!  I'm pretty excited that I've graduated from the "maybe it's a beer gut?" stage and a stranger knew I was pregnant today! 

I had a client come in to our showroom to buy a chair, and when we were discussing getting it into her car she said "Well, will the guy up front help? Because I can't lift it and I can tell you're pregnant so I don't want you lifting anything!" 

I still feel like I haven't officially "popped" yet, but maybe that's coming soon? I'm just over 18 weeks now and I feel like other pregnant girl's I've seen end up having their bellies pop around 20 weeks.

In other exciting news...

is the day!  It's so crazy and I am really trying to wrap my head around the momentous significance of tomorrow.  We will find out if our first child will be a son or daughter.  The eldest child of our family.  Our future children's big brother or big sister.  I know tomorrow's appointment will be an emotional one, for sure.  I'm also still hoping to get a glimpse of his or her little face :)
Please pray that Baby W's anatomy ultrasound goes well and that all those little organs are developing properly! Please also pray that we get a good view so that we can find out gender!

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