Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Randoms

1.  First and foremost...

I would always kind of giggle when pregnant friends would bring up "pregnancy brain" because I just figured it was because they had a lot on their mind thinking and planning for the baby.  Wrong.  Lately I've been feeling like the second I think of something, I better either do it or make a note so that I remember to do it later.  There is no relying on my mental notes.

2.  I'm really excited about going to Lake Lure this weekend!  Lakes are always beautiful but it will be a neat change of scenery to have the mountains around us.

3.  Remember when I said I was going to be getting a pregnancy body pillow to hopefully help my sleeping?  Well, I bought this one...
and it has been heavenly.  Not only is it super comfortable, but it has a belly support pillow and space for a growing bump to lay properly, and it breaks apart into three easy to move/manage/wash pieces.  LOVE it. 

4.  Shout-out to my little soccer star, aka Baby W.  I've thought that I was feeling kicks, but wasn't quite sure, ever since about 15 1/2 weeks..Well, now there is no guessing!  Baby is active, especially in the afternoons & around dinner time.  Must like to sleep late like Momma ;)  It always bring a smile to my face to feel it, and I can't wait until they are strong enough for Jake to be able to feel them!!

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