Sunday, September 29, 2013

It's a GIRL!!!!!

Little Ryleigh Marie will be joining us in February :) 
We are excited beyond words.  It makes it so much more real to have a name to this little person who keeps kicking me all day long! 
So, back to Thursday...the day that we found out...I had an appointment first thing that morning and it was so amazing and kind of mind-blowing to do the anatomy ultrasound and see all of her little organs and brain developing.  They also showed us with blue and red on the ultrasound the path of blood flow from the heart and the kidneys.  Baby girl has apparently hit a recent growth spurt and is now measuring 4 days ahead of schedule.  The doctor said that definitely explains how tired and hungry I have been lately!
On Friday night I baked the reveal cupcakes with a few friends.  Funfetti cake with marshmellow buttercream icing...yum!
We had a diaper shower Saturday that was thrown by Jake's cousin, and did the gender reveal there. 
Ryleigh got lots and lots of diapers, wipes, some new Georgia gear, and a few toys!
Now that we know we're having a little girl, I've been trying to be good and keep spending to a minimum! It makes me want to go out and buy her lots of cute little outfits and things that she will need, but I know we have lots of loving friends and family who will help with baby gifts.  I caved Thursday and bought up some of Carter's clearance sales, because I had an extra 25% off coupon code.  Including shipping, I spent $59 which came out to less than $5 per item, so I consider that to be a pretty good deal!  I also bought the fabric we have picked out for her bedding, because the stock was getting low and I didn't want to miss out on it.  I'll do a separate post about her nursery once we have the furniture selected, but my ideas are all coming together for it :)
Thank you all for the overwhelming love and support! 

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