Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crazy & Excited!

So, I'm getting slightly excited that in only
more days we will know if Baby Walden is a little boy or little girl!!!!
My imagination and patience have been going crazy.  Sunday night I started our baby registry at Target online because I couldn't take it anymore and I figured it might actually be nice to get some of the general/neutral items out of the way. 
In other very exciting news, the work has officially begun to fix our water-damaged house!  Here is a picture that Jake took this morning:

This is a corner of the living room.  I'm also really happy that they are laying down a pad underneath, which will help with insulation and wear.  Our old floors only had a thin layer of black plastic underneath the flooring (which was discovered after the damaged floor was ripped up).
They told us all of the flooring (carpet, vinyl, and wood) would take 2-3 days and the drywall patch and repairs would take another 2 days.  I'm so happy that this will be finished by the end of the month and behind us for good!

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